41 Simple Side Dishes for your Thanksgiving Dinner

41 Simple Side Dishes for your Thanksgiving Dinner

Craving simple and delicious side dishes for your Thanksgiving dinner?

Craving simple and delicious side dishes for your Thanksgiving dinner? Our variety of Thanksgiving side dishes are mostly made with simple pantry ingredients and are sure to satisfy a crowd. Roasted potatoes, honey glazed brussels sprouts, mashed potato cakes and other easy side dishes recipes are sure to satisfy your appetite. Scroll down and pick your faves!

Thanksgiving side dishes ideas - Craving simple and delicious side dishes for your Thanksgiving dinner?

Roasted Garlic Butter Parmesan Potatoes

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These epic roasted potatoes are perfect side for any of your meals! Get the recipe

Broccoli Mash with Garlic and Parmesan

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Mashed broccoli make for healthy, low carb alternative to your regular mashed potatoes side! Get the recipe

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potato with Balsamic Honey Glaze

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Crunchy, bitter-sweet and delicious! This tasty side-dish is a must for the holidays or any time this fall. Get the recipe

Garlic Butter Butternut Squash Steaks

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Melt-in-your-mouth tender and packed with flavor! These butternut steaks make for a delicious side. Get the recipe

Lemon Garlic Butter Green Beans Skillet

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This green beans and wax beans recipe is perfect for a Holiday dinner. Get the recipe

Apple Bacon Coleslaw

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Super creamy, crunchy, and fresh! This coleslaw recipe only takes a few minutes to make and is packed with bright and delicious flavor! Get the recipe

Garlic Parmesan Mashed Potato Cakes

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A super easy side dish, light dinner or lunch! Get the recipe

Baked Parmesan Tomatoes

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Healthy and so delicious! An easy low carb side for a quick dinner. Get the recipe

Cheesy Corn Fritters

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Crispy on the edges, soft in the middle – A great side dish for a host of dinners! Get the recipe

Grilled Corn with Garlic and Parmesan Cheese

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Perfect as a side for your barbecue parties, or as salad for a quick lunch on the go! Get the recipe

Lemon Garlic Butter Zucchini Noodles

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Delicious, easy on carbs, and takes just minutes to prepare. Get the recipe

Garlic Balsamic Baby Potatoes With Asparagus

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Perfect with grilled meat — You'll love the sweetness of balsamic vinegar. Get the recipe

Extra Crispy Baked Garlic Parmesan Potato Wedges

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Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside — Game on! Get the recipe

Cinnamon-Honey Glazed Carrots

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Sweet and rustic - An easy and quick side dish everyone will rave about. Get the recipe

Thanksgiving Apple Sage Stuffing

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Crisp and moist - Your guests will literally stuff themselves. Get the recipe

Instant Pot Buttery Garlic Mashed Potatoes

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A silky-smooth, delicious side dish that is perfect for weeknight meals or holidays. Get the recipe

7-Minutes Instant Pot Garlic Brown Butter Potatoes

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The easiest and fastest potatoes you will ever make. So moist and flavorful! Get the recipe

Cheesy Garlic Roasted Potatoes

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Crunchy golden exteriors, soft and creamy inside – The only roasted potatoes recipe you’ll ever need! Get the recipe

Roasted Garlic-Parmesan Zucchini & Tomatoes

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Break out the summer veggies for a delectable side dish. Get the recipe

Baked Garlic and Parmesan Potato Cake

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Rich and savory – the perfect finger food! Get the recipe

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Sweet Potatoes

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A quick easy side for any occasion. Get the recipe

Garlic Butter Parmesan Roasted Baby Potatoes

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A quick dinner side, party snack, or breakfast potatoes. Get the recipe

Garlic Parmesan Butter Roasted Potatoes

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A striking side, crispy on the outside and tender in the center. Get the recipe

Honey Garlic Butter Roasted Carrots

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The perfect side for a weeknight meal or a holiday crowd. Get the recipe

Garlic Butter Sweet Potato Noodles

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Try this easy and fun way to eat more vegetables! Get the recipe

Loaded Mashed Cauliflower Casserole

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Get the recipe

Garlic Butter Roasted Butternut Squash

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Whatever the occasion, you'll impress your guests with this striking side dish. Get the recipe

15-Minute -Green Beans with Bacon Mushroom Sauce

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They make an awesome addition to any holiday table or weekend feast. Get the recipe

Bacon Garlic Parmesan Mashed Potatoes

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This is the perfect side dish for turkey and gravy on your holiday table Get the recipe

Pan-Roasted Brussel Sprouts in Maple Garlic Butter

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Incredibly quick and easy to make... and truly addictive! Get the recipe

Maple Bacon Roasted Pumpkin

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Make this simple and gratifying recipe for a sensational fall dish. Get the recipe

Roasted Mushrooms with Garlic Butter Sauce

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An essential side dish to have in your recipe repertoire, especially when the Holidays season is coming. Get the recipe

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Potatoes

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Here’s a satisfying side dish that will make you forget all about the main course! Get the recipe

Cheesy Green Beans Casserole

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A delicious side dish to enjoy for a casual dinner. Get the recipe

Baked Four Cheese Garlic Spaghetti Squash

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A shockingly good alternative to Alfredo pasta Get the recipe

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Honey Glazed

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This gorgeous vegetable side is a real keeper. Get the recipe

Whole Roasted Cauliflower With Butter Sauce

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Crisp on the outside, melting in the inside — Your new favorite way to eat cauliflower. Get the recipe

Roasted Garlic Parmesan Cabbage Wedges

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This is about the crunchiest cabbage ever, and damn good too. Get the recipe

Baked Garlic Parsley Mushrooms

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The easiest, most flavorful mushrooms you will ever make. Get the recipe

Crispy Cheese Potatoes Gratin

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Get the recipe

Balsamic, Honey Roasted Cabbage Steaks

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Bring cabbage to a whole new level with this simple, fast and delicious side dish. Get the recipe

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