26 Amazing Cheap Desserts

by Sidney Yang – Updated Apr 23, 2021
26 Amazing Cheap Desserts
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Cheap Desserts Recipes – It is not easy to eat properly for cheap: having good products and not spending too much at the same time… Why should we choose between health and wallet? Here are 26 cheap dessert recipes to combine the two: eat healthy without breaking the bank! Enjoy the tour! 

Cheap Dessert Recipes: 26 Amazing Cheap Desserts

1. Pumpkin Pie Parfaits with Crumble Topping

Pumpkin Pie Parfaits with Crumble Topping

Everyone will fall in love with this super cheap dessert that tastes just like pumpkin pie.
Get the recipe

cheap chocolate shortbread cookies photo

1. Nutella or Quince Jam Shortbread Bars

A nice shortbread bar recipe coming straight from the holidays… Always pair these cookie batches: one with Nutella, the other with jam, so there is something for everyone. Nutella fans and those who prefer jam will be delighted. The result is surprising and this cost almost nothing to do. Find the recipe for Nutella or Quince Jam Shortbread Bars

cheap madeleine cake photo

2. The Best Madeleine cakes

They will delight you with their rather soft and sweet texture. Delicately flavored, the madeleines will make you melt with pleasure. Find the recipe for Madeleine cakes here.


low cost chocolate lava cake photo

3. Chocolate Lava Cake

There are cheap desserts that I cannot resist to and which I’m never tired of. The chocolate lava cake is one of them. Get the recipe here.

stewed fruit picture

4. Tasty Stewed Fruit

These are pears, dates and dried apricots quickly poached in little honey syrup and flavored with cinnamon, fresh ginger and orange blossom water. The dried fruit concentrate the flavors and honestly, for a low cost dessert, the result is more than nice, both warm or cold. Find the recipe for the Stewed Fruits here.

cheap dessert recipes with pictures

5. Gingerbread and Pomegranate French Toast

Let’s make some french toasts with our last teatime leftovers. Forgotten bread or drying brioche slices allow to express our greediness with two advantages: it is very easy to do and in a record of time. No to mention it’s budget friendly. Get the recipe for Gingerbread and Pomegranate French Toast;

6. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here’s a craving staple that returns regularly on our table at tea time. These cookies are soft and crisp at the same time. Find the recipe for the Chocolate Chip Cookies here.

cheap chocolate crinkle cookies photo

 7. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

These cheap chocolate crinkles are a holiday staple in winter, but these delicious cookies are great any time of the year. Here’s the recipe for the Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.

chocolate biscotti image

8. Chocolate Biscotti Cookies

They have a very long shelf life, needless to say that this is cost saving! It is a cookie that must be soaked in coffee just a few seconds, just to give it a little softness, hence its elongated shape. Find the recipe for Chocolate Biscotti Cookies.

budget spice cookies image

9. 4 Spice Cookies

Here is a new recipe for 4 spice cookies! 4 spices mix is a delicious mix of black or white pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. We will replace pepper with ground ginger instead. The result is surprising but if you’re a teatime aficionado, these sweets are definitely for you! Go and check the recipe here.

simple cheap dessert image

10. Caramel Clementine

If you’re too lazy or pushed for time to cook yourself a dessert, and you still have few clementines in the fruit basket, this easy cheap dessert recipe is for you. Find the recipe for Caramel Clementine here.

simple cheap cookies photo

11. Palmier Cookies

These French cookies, well known as elephant ears cookies are fantastic, so simple and easy-to-make. The palmier cookies pairs well with many other desserts, snack or after dinner, coffee, tea and espress Find the recipe for Palmier Cookies.

low cost no eggs chocolate mousse photo

12. A Magical Chocolate Mousse

Magical because this simple chocolate mousse recipe uses only two ingredients: chocolate and water! No eggs, no cream. Yes, it sounds insane. But the result is truly stunning. Find the recipe for the no egg chocolate mousse here.

simple cheap coconut pound cake photo

13. Coconut Pound Cake Recipe

A delicious coconut pound cake. You will find the ingredient easily in your usual grocery store. Pound cakes are not expensive cakes to make by definition. This well flavored and mellow cake will delight youngest and older with dessert or tea. Find the recipe for the Coconut Pound Cake here.

cheap dessert ideas photo

14. Matcha Tea Financiers Cake

good financier cake recipe is always handy, especially when you don’t know what to do with egg whites leftover from another recipe… Matcha tea adds a fresh touch you won’t forget easily! Recipe for Matcha Tea Financiers Cake here.

cheap dessert tiramisu picture

15. Cheap Nutella and Speculoos Tiramisu recipe

I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve! If you’re like me, you must be full of good resolutions to start 2013 on a good track. But for now here’s a delicious Nutella and Speculoos tiramisu. Find the recipe for Nutella and Speculoos Tiramisu.

easy cheap chocolate fudge pictures

17.  Easy Cheap Chocolate Fudge Recipe

This chocolate fudge with dried fruits will delight both the smallest kids and the older. Find the recipe for Dried Fruits Chocolate Fudge here.

apple crumble recipe image

18. Apple Walnuts Crumble

An absolutely irresistible apple crumble combination with walnuts! Find this cheap dessert recipe for Apple Walnuts Crumble here

cheap chocolate dessert plates photo

19. Mini Chocolate Banana Cakes

A nice recipe to recycle overripe bananas that you may have forgotten in the pantry! These mini chocolate and banana cakes are made in two easy steps. Get the recipe for Mini Chocolate Banana Cakes.

cheap orange sponge cake photo

20. Orange Cake

Here’s a cheap dessert idea to take out for a picnic. You can quickly prepare this deliciously flavored orange cake and divide it into individual portions to move more easily. Find the recipe for the orange cake here.

easy french toast picture

21. The Sweet Pain Perdu

If you have a few slices of brioche, buns, or country bread then why not using them to make French Toast? This dish has been known for centuries, since we find traces since antiquity. Here’s the recipe for The Sweet Pain Perdu.

good cheap dessert picture

22. Apple Zucchini Jam

We tried this good cheap dessert last year. This surprising jam combines apple and zucchini for a fragrant dessert. Here’s the recipe for Apple Zucchini Jam.

budget dessert poached pear photo

23. Chocolate Poached Pears

There is not much to say about this dessert, excepted that it’s a pure bomb! Find the recipe for Chocolate Poached Pears.

24. Pear Puff Pastry Tarts

Imagine a both crispy and juicy pears tart, accompanied with chopped nuts and chocolate chips… Find this cheap dessert recipe for Pear Puff Pastry Tarts here.

cheap apple pastry recipe picture

25. Baked Apple Shortbread

Baked Apple in a Shortbread Pastry with Cinnamon. Apples are peeled, sprinkled with lemon juice, rolled in brown sugar and topped with a cinnamon stick that will slowly release its fragrance. Find the recipe for the Baked Apple Shortbread

cheap banana dessert photo

26. Bananas Wok with Dried Fruit

Find the recipe for the  Bananas Wok with Dried Fruit here.

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