The 8 Best Ways To Eat Spinach In Spring

Spinach are one of the stars of spring produces and are among the most nutritious of low calorie foods. You don’t need to be a committed vegetarian or a dedicated vegan to appreciate this dark green leafy vegetable, but make sure to buy only fresh, raw spinach as the taste is nothing comparable to canned spinach. From quick and easy preparations to more elaborate main dishes, we have collected the most delicious spinach recipes to celebrate Spring. Enjoy!

1st row: 
1. Pies and quiches: Lightweight yet satisfying, they are perfect if you’re looking for easy recipes for your weeknight dinners. Try this Salmon Pie with Potatoes & Spinach.
2. Wraps: Ideal for a picnic or a lunch on the go. Turkey Wraps with Feta and Fresh Spinach.
3. Casseroles: Deliciously comforting, casseroles and lasagna are meaty masterpiece. Check this Bacon Spinach Lasagna Recipe.
4. Salad: They are very simple and easy to make with all the spring vegetables available. Get the Baby Spinach Salad recipe.
5. Sauces: If you love pasta, spinach is always a winner in a fresh homemade pesto. Spinach Pesto Recipe

2nd row:
6. Risotto:
 This is certainly one of the best ways to go for a weeknight dinner everyone will like. Try this Spinach and Mushroom Risotto.
7. In stuffing: You certainly noticed we had a crush on the salmon and spinach duo. You’ll understand why when you’ll try this Salmon Wellington with Spinach and Bacon.
8. Citrus salads: Spinach works great with citrus and this Spinach And Orange Salad is full of vitamins.

Wholesome and delicious meals to brighten your life.

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