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One-Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta with Spinach and Mushrooms

by Christina Cherrier – Aug 29, 2021
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One-Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta with Spinach and Mushrooms
One-Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta Recipe with Spinach and Mushrooms - #pasta #recipe #eatwell101 - This creamy parmesan spinach mushroom pasta skillet is the ultimate win for easy weeknight dinners!

One-Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta with Spinach and Mushrooms – Super quick and delicious, this creamy pasta recipe features creamy parmesan sauce, sauteed mushrooms, onion, and spinach. You can do it in less than 30 minutes, and the pasta is so flavorful you’ll think it comes straight out of a restaurant. An easy weeknight dinner with simple ingredients and impossible to mess up. Enjoy!

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Ingredients list for the One-Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta with Spinach and Mushrooms

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Creamy Parmesan Spinach Mushroom PastaPhoto credit: ©

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Creamy Parmesan Spinach Mushroom Pasta recipePhoto credit: ©

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1. To make the creamy parmesan spinach mushroom pasta skillet: Cook the pasta in salted water until al dente, according to the package instructions.

2. Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a large skillet. Add the onion and saute for 2-3 minutes until translucent and slightly browned. Remove from the skillet and transfer to a plate.

3. In the same skillet, add the mushrooms and sauté for about 3 minutes until browned. Add a bit of oil if necessary. Remove mushrooms to the plate with onion and set aside.

4. In the same skillet, add the spinach and cook for 2 minutes until just wilted. Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper. Remove spinach and drain excess water. Transfer to another plate.

5. Still in the same skillet, heat a little oil, add the chopped garlic and cook for about 30 seconds, then deglaze with vegetable broth. Add cream, grated parmesan, chili pepper flakes, and Italian seasoning and cook for 2 minutes, stirring until combined and the cream gets some color.

6. Once the pasta is ready, add mushrooms, onion, and spinach back to the skillet, then put drained pasta and toss to combine. Add more parmesan and Italian seasoning and give a quick stir. Serve the creamy parmesan spinach mushroom pasta with red chili pepper flakes and more parmesan, if you like. Enjoy!

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Tips for the Creamy Parmesan Spinach Mushroom Pasta

Button, sliced portabella, shitake… Whichever mushrooms you pick, all they’ll need is a quick sear in a hot pan before being tossed into the creamy pasta sauce! We cook each ingredient separately to avoid excess water from mushrooms and spinach and losing taste. You can save time by cooking all ingredients together but keep in mind the creamy mushroom pasta could end up being soupy and tasteless.

  • Don’t skimp on chili pepper flakes, they add a great spicy touch!
  • You can use any kind of pasta, but we favor pasta shapes that hold the sauce well such as farfalle, penne, rotini…
  • Don’t crowd the pan with mushrooms, otherwise, they’ll never go golden and will lose flavor. Proceed in batches with the mushrooms, if necessary.
  • Either finely grate your own parmesan, or buy the finely shredded parmesan cheese at the grocery store. Do not use store-bought sandy or shaved parmesan, it will not melt properly in the sauce.

What to serve with the creamy mushroom pasta?

Serve this creamy mushroom pasta with a fresh, crisp side salad to balance out the richness of the sauce. If you’re going for a full dinner, add a side of garlic bread!

How long to keep the creamy parmesan mushroom pasta leftovers?

This creamy mushroom pasta recipe keeps in the fridge for 3 days or so. Reheat in the microwave, adding a tiny splash of water to loosen up the sauce if necessary.

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  • Connie

    2021-07-25 19:11:34

    This was so easy to make and so delicious! My family loved it. It’s definitely a keeper

  • JoAnn

    2021-07-04 14:13:30

    Great vegetarian pasta

  • Scout

    2021-05-29 22:39:41

    I have to ask, why are all of the ingredients cooked separately before mixing together at the end? Why not cook the onions and mushrooms together, adding the spinach towards the end?

  • Jill

    2021-03-25 20:00:15

    So good ! It is raining and yucky and this fit the comfort food requirement. I added fresh red peppers to the mix.

  • Matthew

    2021-02-14 16:14:34

    This was great. We aren't much on vegetarian meals but this one is a keeper. The large quantity of mushrooms gave the dish a meaty feel. Plus this gives a way to use the vast amount of spinach from the garden. This we be on our regular rotation.

  • Kayla

    2021-02-04 22:47:01

    Just finished my first meal. So delicious! Great recipe! I used only one onion because I find recipes often overuse onions. It turned out great.

  • Debbie

    2020-12-01 16:43:04

    Tastes amazing bit I’m not sure how it is called “one pot” since I used several plates to transfer cooked veggies and another large pot to cook pasta. I thought I would be only using one pan!

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