Space Savers: Easy Steps to Organize the Pantry

Easy Steps to Organize the Pantry

Spring comes so quickly. And at this time of year, your kitchen pantry (just like mine) can look like it needs some fresh air. So when you feel guilty every time you pack everyone in the car and give into fast food, maybe it's because you don't feel like scrapping your shelves and rustling through the clutter to find something (still good) to cook. Here are few tips and tools for making your pantry organized and efficient again.

tips on organizing the pantry

Use storage bins

They make a great storage solution for maximizing pockets of empty storage space; ideal for vertical storage in a cramped cupboard. Use similar containers to store school snacks or protein bars.

InterDesign York Storage Bin - $37.42 Amazon

Organizing the Pantry

Stacking bins

Use large stacking wire baskets to store onion, potatoes and other vegetables instead of having them jumbled on the floor of your pantry. Wire mesh stacking baskets are a fantastic and attractive way to organize fruits, veggies, and other everyday items. Stack them on top of each other to maximize storage space.

Mesh Stacking Bin Silver - $14.68 Amazon

Free Printable Labels to Organize a pantry

Tag your items

Great to tag things and simple to use, chalkboard labels make any glass container look cuter. If you don’t have your own digital vinyl cutter, buying pre-made labels is a great option to help you keep containers neat and tidy.

Chalkboard Sticker Labels - $10.95 Amazon

Ideas for organizing the Pantry

Maximize spice storage

Don’t let spice jars clutter the pantry. Use spice rack organizers to make the most of unused cabinet space by installing a hanger underneath a cabinet or shelf. They provides versatile storage that can be kept throughout the kitchen.

SpiceStor Organizer Spice Rack - $18.95 Amazon

fun trick for organizing the pantry

Use airtight, transparent containers

Keep small or fluid ingredient into transparent containers instead of their unpractical original packaging. Airtight, stackable containers are great for keeping track of what you actually have on hand in your pantry, making it easy to keep your dry foods fresh and your kitchen organized.

OXO Good Grips POP Container Set - 12 Pc. - $99.98 Amazon

Tips to Organize Your Pantry

Display your cans all at once

Stacked cans are difficult to see and not always the most efficient storage method. A can rack will help keep your cans safely in place and allow you to see what you have on hand.

DecoBros Supreme Stackable Can Rack Organizer, Chrome Finish - $28.76 Amazon

For organizing the pantry

Adapt storage size on your needs

Say adios to buried and expired taco seasoning packets lost in large pantry bins. Keep your packets of spices, dips and seasoning mixes neat and organized into clear sub-divided containers. That makes all the difference!

InterDesign Linus Pack Place, Clear - $12.58Amazon

best pantry organizers

Folding organizers

Modulate your storage space with easy to fold units. If you need to make room for larger items, you can adapt the inside of your cabinets and shelves.

Design Ideas Stuff Shelf, Mesh, Small, Silver - $9.82 Amazon

Storage solutions for organizing the pantry

Go modular

Fully integrated modular storage systems can seem a bit pricey, but they help you maximize efficiency in the pantry. You can configure the best solution to suit your specific needs.

Gabrielle Organization Components - $18 – $139 Pottery Barn

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