Help! Which Vegetable Tastes Great With Bacon?

best vegetable with baconQuestion: “I’m a bacon lover and I would like to add more vegetable in my diet. Which particular vegetable tastes great with bacon?”. Sent by Jay, Chicago, IL.

Editor: It’s true that two or three strips of bacon added to a bland vegetable dish can transform it into a great one. Brussels sprouts with bacon is a great example of this. Try adding bacon with these vegetables: broccoli, lentils, cabbage, asparagus, peppers, green peas, green beans. Cut bacons strips into bits and add to your vegetable stir-fry and braises, you’ll quickly notice the difference. Bacon is also a great way to enhance roasted veggies. You’ll notice that the savory of bacon pairs very well with green vegetable. One warning: When you’re adding bacon to a recipe, you’re increasing the salt content in it. So don’t insist on seasoning, taste the vegetables to see if you need to add more salt.

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