Fresh Mango Salsa, Salmon Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce, Spring Mix Salad, Bulgur Tabbouleh with Aromatic Herbs

Maybe you have planned something special for this week-end? A mini part dinner with few friends or a sunday brunch with family? If you fall in one of those categories, or just feel like you want to cook something that makes you happy; the recipes and meal ideas from the past week are looking mighty tempting. I’m thinking of these salmon steaks with a so comforting blue cheese sauce, or the marinated and grilled squids on bruschetta. On a lighter side, you can also try this excellent spring mix salad… And why not a bowl of coconut milk ice cream for dessert? So I enjoin you use and abuse of these recipes and ideas for the week-end, and you’ll tel us the news next monday. Have a great cooking week-end!

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best tapas recipe

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