How to Cut an Orange Easily

Oranges are a very popular citrus fruit that marry well with other fruits but also with vegetables such as fennel.Oranges are sometimes difficult to handle because they’re very juicy and little white trims and membranes are not interesting from a culinary standpoint. But there are some techniques to help you make the most of an orange, quickly and easily. It’s the time to make great spring and summer salads, so let’s have a look at how you can make perfect orange cuts:

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To cut beautiful orange wedges:

1. Hold the fruit well and cut both ends.
2. Place the fruit on its flat bottom then cut in half. The direction of the cut is important.
3. Remove the white core.
4. Finally, cut the orange into quarters.

From images 7 to 15:

If you want skin-free wedges — also known as Supremes:

1. Start by cutting off both ends, and then cut off the entire skin of the orange. Trim the white parts.
2. Take the orange and remove every part well by cutting between the slices.
3. You will see a thin skin between each slice. It must remain on the body of the orange. Just cut into the flesh, remove the skinless orange wedge and turn like the pages of a book!

Orange Supremes are appreciated, especially in salads, as all the inedible or bitter parts are removed.

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