Blackened Shrimp and Asparagus Skillet (20 Minutes)

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Blackened Shrimp and Asparagus Skillet (20 Minutes)
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Blackened Shrimp and Asparagus Skillet - #shrimp #asparagus #recipe #eatwell101 - These delicious blackened shrimp with asparagus are the perfect versatile and fast weeknight meal.
Blackened Shrimp and Asparagus Skillet - #shrimp #asparagus #recipe #eatwell101 - These delicious blackened shrimp with asparagus are the perfect versatile and fast weeknight meal.

Blackened Shrimp and Asparagus Skillet – These delicious blackened shrimp with asparagus are the perfect versatile and fast weeknight meal. Flavorful, juicy shrimp team up with crisp-tender asparagus in this easy one-pan dinner everyone will rave about. Ready in 20 minutes or less, this shrimp recipe with asparagus cooks in just one pan and is low-carb, gluten-free, and keto-friendly. Enjoy!

Blackened Shrimp and Asparagus recipe 8Photo credit: © Eatwell101.com

Ingredients list for the Blackened Shrimp Recipe

blackened shrimp recipe 2Photo credit: © Eatwell101.com

Why you’ll love this shrimp recipe

  • It’s quick and easy, using simple and easy-to-find ingredients.
  • The shrimp and asparagus are a great low-carb option that will leave you satisfied but not bloated.
  • This blackened shrimp recipe is very versatile: switch spices or even veggies: try with zucchini or baby bok choi, for instance.
  • If you like spices, you’ll get crazy over that nice spicy crust on the shrimp!

Blackened Shrimp and Asparagus Skillet recipe 2Photo credit: © Eatwell101.com

blackened shrimpPhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

how to make blackened shrimpPhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

Blackened Shrimp and Asparagus Skillet recipePhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

blackened shrimp recipePhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

blackened shrimp recipe 2Photo credit: © Eatwell101.com

Blackened Shrimp and Asparagus Skillet recipe 3Photo credit: © Eatwell101.com


1. To make the blackened shrimp and asparagus skillet: In a large bowl, add the shrimp, chili powder, paprika, onion powder, cumin, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Coat well and set aside.

2. In a medium-sized skillet over medium-high heat, add one tablespoon of oil and cook seasoned shrimp on each side for 2-3 minutes or until browned and cooked through. Remove to a shallow plate and set aside.

3.  In the same skillet (clean up if necessary, to remove brown bits), add 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon butter and reduce heat to medium. Add vegetable stock, lemon juice, and sriracha, and bring to a simmer. Allow the sauce to reduce a little, then add the asparagus and cook the asparagus until crisp-tender, approx. 4-6 minutes, turning the asparagus regularly to coat into the sauce.

4. Push the asparagus on the side and add blackened shrimp to the pan. Squeeze a dash of lemon juice on the blackened shrimp and asparagus. Allow reheating for 1-2 minutes, remove grilled shrimp and asparagus from heat, garnish with parsley, lemon slices, and red crushed chili pepper if you like. Serve your blackened shrimp and asparagus immediately, enjoy! You can serve the blackened shrimp and asparagus with a side of zucchini noodles, cauliflower rice, mashed potato, or just plain regular rice. ❤️

Blackened Shrimp and Asparagus recipe 4Photo credit: © Eatwell101.com

Tips for the blackened shrimp recipe

  • You can use shrimp with tails on or off to make blackened shrimp. 
  • Buy shrimp (or prawns) already deveined, shelled, and cleaned to save time.
  • You can save time cooking asparagus by blanching it in boiling water for 2 minutes and then soaking it in ice water to stop cooking. Then you can finish cooking asparagus as per the recipe.
  • If spice and shrimp leave too many brown bits, rinse and clean the skillet to avoid asparagus having a bitter taste.
  • You can buy cajun blackening seasoning to save time when prepping for the recipe.

What other readers say about this blackened shrimp recipe

“So delicious! I added a side of baked potatoes. I really enjoyed it :) I added cayenne pepper to it” – Ella

“Love this recipe!! Glad I didn’t put the hot sauce in… it’s just right enough spice without it!! Definitely will make again!!” – Shelby

“It was delicious. Quick and easy to make. I’ll make it again for sure.” – Phillip

“Ok…so this was soooooo yummy we almost didn’t get to take a picture at all… I served the asparagus with the blackened shrimp over cilantro lime rice and a side of broccoli. OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!” – Wendy

“One of the best meals I’ve had and definitely the best asparagus I’ve had. We used Valentina for the hot sauce.” – David

How to keep the blackened shrimp leftovers

You can keep any leftover shrimp in an airtight container for up to 3 days. Reheat gently in a skillet with a few drops of water to loosen the sauce.

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Blackened Shrimp and Asparagus recipePhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

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  • lillianne

    2024-05-13 13:29:52

    can you bake in oven?

  • Kassie

    2024-04-26 20:07:47

    Yummy recipe! I doubled the shrimp and sauce and added Brussel sprouts and baked sweet potato 😋

  • Sherri Hulsey

    2023-08-28 13:12:08

    Very tasty but left out the salt

  • Elizabeth

    2023-05-11 12:15:54

    This recipe is SO TASTY! It's definitely a go-to when shrimp is on sale at the store or asparagus in on sale. I only wonder though- is the shrimp I buy from the store supposed to be raw or cooked?

  • Hallie

    2023-01-08 18:21:57

    This was amazing! I did use fresh green beans since that is what I had, but I will be making this often!

  • Mary

    2022-12-29 18:17:01

    This is amazing and so quick! The sauce makes it. I only had baby carrots and it still works 😁😋

  • Lisa

    2022-11-09 23:17:01

    I made this tonight. It was delicious! New family favorite. Definitely making this again and again! 🥰

    Blackened Shrimp and Asparagus Skillet (20 Minutes)
  • enois

    2022-06-20 18:50:47

    EXCELLENT! Super easy, delicious dish!!! When my parents visit I need to have meals that dont seem healthy but are LOL. This totally has them fooled - I leave out the heat and it is still SUPER flavorful!!! I add extra broth to have a bit more of a broth to go over the rice. This recipe is a keeper!

  • Lootie

    2022-02-20 12:42:13

    Made several times. One of my favorites! Never disappoints. Very flavorful. Be cautious not to overcook the shrimp or they will get tough.

  • adena

    2021-11-04 14:59:22

    This was really easy and tasted very good! Thank you for your recipe!

  • Anne

    2021-10-15 12:20:11

    Delicious but I did something wrong - the shrimp never blackened, but I was able to burn the pan... spices were soooo good!

  • Joanne

    2021-04-14 21:29:47

    Excellent! Spices just right, and Asparagus flavored well with stock and spices in pan. Try it!

  • Michele

    2021-01-20 19:58:29

    Enjoyed this recipe ccompletely with yellow rice tonight. Quick and easy. Thank you.

  • Gabe

    2021-01-05 18:34:42

    So dope, me and my lady loved it just enough spice to be nice

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