14 Refreshing Drinks To Sip On Memorial Day

How could we let your Memorial Day bash go by without any hot-weather drinks? If you are off from work this Memorial Day, here’s a collection of fizzy and refreshing cocktails for sipping on your day off and start summer on good tracks. Click through some of our favorite recipes that we’ve posted so far, including the recipe for the classic Bacardi cocktail or the Mojito Royale.

Spicy Watermelon Lemonade

1. Spicy Watermelon Lemonade

This sparkling watermelon lemonade with spicy Jalapeño accents is a perfect and refreshing treat to serve for your summer parties.
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Jalapeño Grapefruit Margarita

2. Jalapeño Grapefruit Margarita

This margarita is the absolute best and easiest sweet, spicy cocktail for all your entertaining needs! Don’t forget to line the rim of the glass for a sweet/peppery contrast!
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memorial day drinks cocktails

3. memorial day drinks cocktails

A light, refreshing and nutritious drink made with lime, lemon, orange and coconut water. Great for enjoying on warm days!
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memorial day cocktail recipes

4. memorial day cocktail recipes

These lime strawberry margaritas are so refreshing! Made with all-natural ingredients and ready in under 10 minutes, this fruity drink will be the star of your Memorial Day happy hour.
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Spiced Pineapple Paloma

5. Spiced Pineapple Paloma

Spice up your happy hour with this pineapple paloma! Fresh pineapple makes for a perfectly sweet refresher while jalapeno slices spice up this elegant drink.
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Melon Agua Fresca

6. Melon Agua Fresca

You’ll want drink this Melon Agua Fresca non-stop after long a day at work or while relaxing by the poolside this summer!
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Raspberry Margarita

7. Raspberry Margarita

This raspberry margarita is stunning for a Memorial Day.
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Grapefruit Paloma Cocktail

8. Grapefruit Paloma Cocktail

This refreshing grapefruit paloma cocktail is a breeze to make—and so delicious. Enjoy by the glass or make a pitcher to share with friends… either way, you’re on for a perfect drink to sip on those warmer evenings as the sun goes down.
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Red Fruits Shrub Cocktail

9. Red Fruits Shrub Cocktail

Red fruits are delightfully tart in this sugary, sour gin based cocktail and fresh thyme lends a subtle citrusy aroma.
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Refreshing Bacardi Cocktail

10. Refreshing Bacardi Cocktail

Need to add some excitement to your Memorial Day cocktails? Here’s a wonderfully refreshing rum based drink with a feminine touch, made with homemade grenadine syrup.
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Roasted Strawberry Lemonade

11. Roasted Strawberry Lemonade

This amazing strawberry lemonade is like taking a bite out of summer.
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Peach Lavender Soda

12. Peach Lavender Soda

This peach lavender soda will look so pretty and refreshing on your bar cart for Memorial Day!
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Raspberry Gin Fizz

13. Raspberry Gin Fizz

Fizzy, buzzy and refreshing, this raspberry gin fizz has it all!
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Honey Grapefruit Paloma

14. Honey Grapefruit Paloma

This light and refreshing combination of grapefruit and tequila will make your heart sing,
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