10 Splendid Starters for an Elegant Dinner Party

Oct 7, 2013
Veronica Brandy

Elegant Appetizer Ideas

Spicy Shrimp Tapas

top Elegant Appetizer Ideas

Figs Toast with Chutney and Goat Cheese

gazpacho starter soup

A Refreshing Gazpacho Soup

easy appetizer recipes
Elegant Appetizers Recipes for Party
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Add a touch of elegance to any party with these easy appetizers! Want a quick way to turn a casual get-together into an all-out dinner party? Starting the meal with a small serving of something delicious gives the event a dining-out feel, providing your guests with an occasion to linger over little bites and cooks the time to finish up the main course without rushing.

1st row:
1. Spicy Shrimp Tapas
2. Figs Toast with Chutney and Goat Cheese
3. French Salty Cannelés with Chorizo ​​and Parmesan
4. A Refreshing Gazpacho Soup
5. Guacamole Toasts with Shrimps

easy appetizer recipes

2nd row:
6. Seared Scallops and Parsnip Cream on Appetizer Spoons
7. Goat Cheese and Tomato Bruschetta
8. Creamy Apples and Pumpkin Verrines
9. Grilled Caprese Eggplants
10. Appetizer Spoons: Smoked Salmon with Heavy Cream and Lumpfish Eggs

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