Tips: What To Do With Overripe Fruit

It’s spring, market shelves are full of fresh produces. Why not indulging ourselves with delicious fruit and have a taste of the season coming? So, you bought several pounds of fruit at the market and didn’t managed to use everything quickly, and now your kitchen is filled with overripe fruits that begin to deteriorate. Before you throw them all away, here are our tips for using your very ripe fruit and stop wasting food… and money!

Make compotes and jams

This is a great opportunity to make your own jams and compotes. Apple and rhubarb, apples and pears, apples and strawberries or even bananas, these combos will enlighten you homemade breakfasts. To flavor up your compotes, add vanilla pods or spices to the cooking fruits, this will be a treat! Plus, fruit purees keeps very well in the freezer for several months and you can keep jams on the shelves for months provided you eat them with a few weeks once the jar is opened.

Jam recipes:

Have a healthy smoothie

With milk or yogurt, ripe fruit make delicious smoothies to drink on the go. It’s the perfect way to maintain your vitamin intake!

Make quick bread!

Overripe fruit are full of natural sugar, they will be perfect for a quick bread: banana bread, ….. will please your kids! You can also make coulis to accompany your quick breads or ice creams.

Here are few quick bread links:

Fruit desserts

Charlotte, crumbles, and clafoutis are easy to do. If you’ve got of ripe fruit left, you can make a sweet sauce or a mousse to pair with your dessert. Just play with the different textures. Note that banana is a great medium!

Make sorbets for a better preservation

You don’t want to use all of your fruit right now, don’t you? The best thing you can do is to make sorbets that you’ll be able to keep in your freezer for weeks. You can even freeze fruit that you’ve cut in cubes. Have them in your blender without any more preparation!

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