Preparing Christmas – Part Three: Themes and Table Decoration

Christmas Table Decoration tips

Here is the third chapter of our “Prepare for Christmas guide”. This time we will discuss the meal theme. It is important to choose a theme for both your table decorations and meals. Before you develop your menu, decide which theme you want to use for your evening meal. The choice will impact: the decorations of your house, the colors chosen for your tree, the personality of your guests. Here are some ideas that will help you define the style of your Christmas Eve.

Classic Christmas Decoration photo

Classical christmas decoration

With red and gold, your table is both elegant and refined. This pair of traditional colors always makes its impact when the table is beautifully decorated. Bet on golden plate chargers and red glasses, golden cutlery and red candlesticks, not to mention assorted towels and candles. You will easily find a wide range of products in these tones in stores, as they represent the most popular palette.

In the kitchen, serve a foie gras with gingerbread crust, saints-Jacques scallops au gratin served in their shells, or baked oysters on a bed of salt. For the main course, bet on a pheasant with wild mushrooms or a stuffed capon. Concerning desserts, Choose the classic with a homemade chocolate yule log with your choice of chocolate, caramel or vanilla flavor.

Modern Christmas table Decoration photo

Modern and colorful christmas decoration

A touch of pop and fun for a very festive Christmas Eve! Play on bright colors: red, yellow, lime green, light blue, pink. You can find sets of plates, appetizers trays and colored glasses quite easily in stores. Scatter transparent flat beads over your table. They will provide the “pop” your tablecloth needs.

Remember, the tree must also be matched to the rest of the decor. In recent years, it has become easier to decorate with vivid colors. Replace Santa Claus and Angels with butterflies of all colors. In the kitchen, surprise your guests with unusual assortments of flavors like a pumpkin and orange velouté, a small tatin of foie gras with apple and vanilla or a pigeon with honey and hazelnut. Concerning desert options, no yule log but assorted desserts: tiramisu, millefeuille, frozen soufflés…

country christmas table decoration image

“Spirit of the Mountain” decor

Red, white, green: the “spirit of the mountain” theme consists of a small candle decoration with a little kitsch twist (mini Santa Klaus, fir, pine cone), snowflakes as a table runner, pine cones as a centerpiece… Take a walk in the woods to pick up some branches. Keep in mind this cozy mood with a meal you will serve next to the fireplace. Remember to also light a candle with cinnamon, maple syrup or chocolate scent for more indulgence…

In the kitchen, use slices of foie gras, a terrine of beef or deer patties. For the main course, you can make a pot-au-feu with foie gras or more traditional turkey stuffed with sausage. For dessert, keep the family spirit alive by offering a chocolate fondue with lots of fruits, sweets, cakes, biscuits…

chic christmas table photo

Stylistic and chic Christmas table decoration

Bet on trendy black and decorations being available. As for the gold and red decorations, you will easily find black opaque glasses, black and white cutlery, white plates.

Make a table runner with a black feather boa. Of course, your tree should also stay in neutral tones: white, gray and black. Bet on black and white candles being a hit. In the kitchen, think luxury, especially for decorating plates, much like in great restaurants!

You can even imagine a black and white menu, while playing the card of surprise: carpaccio of Saint-Jacques with truffle, black pudding pie circled with dark chocolate sorbet and vanilla ice cream

children christmas decoration image

A christmas buffet for children

If you have many folks attending the party, why not make a twist and include a buffet? This would be a very good idea for children. They will be able to eat and play with their gifts. Prepare a separate table for them with things they love. Above all, Christmas is their party. It’s always better to make them happy at the table, so you can concentrate on the adults.

On the savory side: make mini muffins, mini pizzas, cheese balls, mini croques… For dessert: a pyramid of colorfull candies, homemade truffles… Think there’s no Christmas without chocolate!

Make a buffet for adults with festive foods. Prefer things served cold. So you can prepare it in advance, and don’t spend your evening in the kitchen.

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