Best of Fall: 10 Amazing Recipes Made with Pears

Pears are the fruit stars for fall and winter baking. With so many varieties to choose from, there’s a pear for everyone’s tastes. From soft and juicy to crisp and crunchy, pears show off in a plethora of recipes, from sweet to savory. Coming into season from late July to mid-winter, each pear variety has its perfect use. Bosc pears hold their shape best, making them perfect for poaching, roasting or thinly sliced for delicious salads. Tender and sweet, Bartlett and Anjou pears do wonders in desserts. For a greater appreciation of this humble fruit, here are 10 delicious pear recipes you just can’t go wrong with. For best results, use fresh pears in these simple recipes. What’s your favorite pear recipe? Please leave a comment below.

1st row:
Roasted Pears in Red Wine
2. Pears and Vanilla Crumble
3. Pear and Pistachios Tart
4. Chocolate Pear Tart
5. Good Recipe! Sweet Pear Gratin with Cheddar

easy Recipes Made with Pears
2nd row:
6. Chocolate Poached Pears
7. Pears Dessert with Creme de Cassis
8. How to Make a Tasty Stewed Fruit
9. Pear Jam with Red Tea
10. Pear Puff Pastry Tarts

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