30 Best Chicken Thigh Recipes

by Sidney Yang – Updated Oct 13, 2021
30 Best Chicken Thigh Recipes
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These chicken thighs recipes are easy to cook and yield huge flavor. Chicken thighs are juicy and rich enough that they won’t dry out like chicken breasts. This selection of our best chicken thighs recipes covers everything from baked chicken thighs to slow-cooked chicken thighs, and more! No matter which of these chicken recipes you choose, you’re in for a wonderful meal. Enjoy!

Best Bone-in Chicken Thigh Recipes

Best Bone-in Chicken Thigh Recipes

Chicken thighs recipes are so easy to cook! Whether you choose to roast them, pan-fry them, or slow-cook them, you really can't go wrong with bone-in chicken thigh recipes. There's so much flavor in bone-in chicken thighs! The chicken bones contain the bone marrow that infuses into the meat when cooking, resulting in a rich chicken flavor. Plus, bone-in chicken thighs tend to cost less than their boneless counterparts!

Garlic Herb Butter Chicken Thighs with Asparagus

This garlic butter chicken thighs recipe is delicious and super nourishing. Skin-on bone-in chicken thighs are cooked in one skillet for easy prep and cleanup!

Buttery Garlic Herb Chicken and Lemon Parmesan Cauliflower Rice

These chicken thighs and cauliflower rice recipe are the best low-carb and gluten-free dish for dinner!

One Pan Chicken and Potatoes with Garlic Parmesan Spinach Cream Sauce

Easy one pan chicken and Potatoes recipe- An entire meal in a single skillet!

Honey Balsamic Instant Pot Chicken

Fall-off-the-bone chicken legs make for an effortless dinner ready in 30 minutes or less!

One-Pot Chicken Fajita With Orzo Pasta

This chicken fajita orzo pasta is a nourishing one-pot dish that screams comfort food!

Balsamic Honey Skillet Chicken Legs

Chicken thighs are simply marinated and pan-seared with a balsamic reduction.

Best Baked Chicken Thigh Recipes

Best Baked Chicken Thigh Recipes

Baking chicken thighs in the oven is an easy method that guarantees a crisp skin and juicy interior. If you're looking for an easy, fuss-free meal bursting with flavor, these baked chicken thighs are for you!

Baked Chicken Gnocchi with Garlic Asiago Cream Sauce

This chicken and gnocchi recipe is so easy to pull up. Be prepared for an easy weeknight comfort meal!

Oven Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters

Crisp and tender, this roasted chicken recipe is packed with spicy flavors.

Baked Teriyaki Chicken

An easy chicken dinner baked in the oven with a sticky homemade teriyaki sauce.

Baked Honey Garlic Chicken with Broccoli and Potatoes

This baked honey garlic chicken is your new favorite dinner!

Baked Garlic Chicken and Potatoes

These baked chicken thighs couldn't be simpler!

Best Boneless Chicken Thigh Recipes

Best Boneless Chicken Thigh Recipes

Boneless chicken thighs shine by their simplicity and flavor. Boneless chicken thighs cook faster than their bone-in counterparts and you can shred them into your soups, tacos, sandwiches, and so on. Check these easy and creative boneless chicken thighs recipes.

Garlic Butter Chicken with Spinach and Bacon

This garlic butter chicken recipe with spinach and bacon is rich, creamy, and hearty - everyone will love it!

Lemon Garlic Butter Chicken and Green Beans Skillet

This one-skillet Lemon Garlic Butter Chicken recipe is a snap to fix. The chicken thighs and green beans are cooked with lemon garlic butter sauce in the same pan. So addicting!

Garlic Mushroom Chicken Thighs with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

This garlic mushroom chicken thighs recipe make the perfect dinner for a hungry crowd!

Salsa Chicken Lettuce Wraps

These chicken lettuce wraps are so delicious - Citrusy, sweet, spicy, and savory all in one, the salsa that goes with grilled chicken will steal the show. Perfect for a quick lunch, dinner, or meal prep!

Creamy Mushroom Chicken Skillet with Bacon

Creamy mushroom chicken recipe - All of the delicious flavors of cream, mushroom, and bacon are packed into this delicious chicken dinner recipe!

Air-Fryer Fried Chicken Thighs and Asparagus

This air fryer Fried chicken recipe with asparagus is a delicious family-friendly dinner in under 30 minutes. You'll never need another air-fryer chicken recipe!

Garlic Chicken Thighs in Creamy Mushroom Sauce

This creamy mushroom chicken thighs recipe is the kind of weeknight dinner everyone raves about. Try our creamy chicken thighs and prepare yourself for rave reviews!

Paprika Chicken Thighs with Lemon Zucchini Skillet

These easy and succulent paprika chicken thighs take only 25 minutes and are so addicting!

Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs For Dinner

Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs For Dinner

Chicken thighs recipes in the oven are a must for dinner. Being relatively quick to cook makes chicken thighs perfect for sheet-pan dinners, where you bake your protein and veggies on one single sheet pan for convenience (and flavor!). You'll love the easy prep and the explosion of fragrances in your kitchen!

Sheet-Pan Honey Chili Chicken with Veggies

This sheet-pan chicken recipe is nourishing, nutritious and crazy delicious!

Best Oven-Baked Chicken

Tender and juicy oven baked chicken thighs are easy to make in one pan. The perfect weeknight or weekend recipe! Low-carb and Keto approved!

Sheet Pan Garlic Butter Chicken and Asparagus

Chicken thighs are oven-baked with asparagus for an explosion of flavor!

Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies

These easy chicken thighs with veggies will get you rave reviews!

Best Grilled Chicken Thigh Recipes

Best Grilled Chicken Thigh Recipes

Grilled chicken thighs recipes are one of our favorite way to cook chicken. Marinate the chicken thighs with plenty of spices and condiments, then simply throw on the grill for a delicious, crisp, and charred result. And don't get us started on that crazy juiciness!

The Ultimate Grilled Chicken Thighs

This grilled chicken thighs recipe is the bomb, perfect for a festive cook out! Everyone RAVES about these delicious grilled chicken thighs!

Garlic Lemon Chicken Thighs

This grilled boneless skinless chicken thighs recipe will be your new dinner routine! Marinated and seared chicken thighs come out perfectly juicy and tender every time.

Grilled Chicken Fajitas

These grilled chicken fajitas are delicious comfort food everyone will go crazy for!

More Boneless-Skinless Chicken Thigh Recipes

More Boneless-Skinless Chicken Thigh Recipes

Looking for 5 star chicken thighs recipes? Skinless-boneless chicken thighs are leaner than skin-on chicken thighs. The chicken skin renders some fat when cooking, so if you're looking for a quick and healthy alternative, go for skinless, boneless chicken thighs recipes. The flavors are still here and they're super easy to cook.

Garlic Butter Chicken Thighs and Baby Potatoes Skillet

This boneless skinless chicken thighs recipe on the stovetop are a true life-saver for busy evenings!

Skillet Chicken Thighs in Sundried Tomato Parmesan Cream Sauce

Easy and flavorful - This chicken thighs skillet recipe is an easy, crowd-pleasing dinner ready in 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Lemon Garlic Butter Chicken and Zucchini Noodles Skillet

So much flavor and so easy to throw together! This skillet chicken recipe with zucchini noodles will make your weeknight way easier.

Asado Chicken Thighs and Sauteed Lemon Asparagus

With less than 30mn to fix and cook, this Asado chicken and asparagus recipe is perfect for any weeknight dinner.

Chicken Pesto Pasta

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs make for a quick, easy dinner here.

Butter Chicken

Crisp-tender chicken thighs with the creamiest butter sauce ever!

Lemon Garlic Baked Chicken Thighs

Juicy tender baked chicken thighs are so easy to make with only a handful of ingredients and just one pan! Try our baked chicken thighs recipe asap!

Best Crock Pot Chicken Thigh Recipes

Best Crock Pot Chicken Thigh Recipes

Looking for crockpot chicken thighs recipes? What's better than coming home to a flavorful chicken dinner that cooked the whole day? Slow cooker chicken thighs should be included in your meal rotation! These slow cooker chicken thighs are cooked in the crockpot until tender for a complete meal that the whole family will love!

Crock Pot Lemon Garlic Butter Chicken Thighs

This Crockpot lemon chicken thighs recipe is easy and delicious, with outstanding flavors!

CrockPot Tuscan Garlic Chicken Thighs With Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

This Tuscan crockpot chicken thighs recipe cooked in the slow cooker is packed with flavors and so easy to prep!

Salsa verde Crockpot Chicken Recipe

This salsa verde crockpot chicken recipe is so easy to make and full of amazing flavors!

Slow Cooker Chicken with Tomatoes and Bell Peppers

So easy and makes the perfect meal to come home to after a long workday!

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