15 Fresh Recipes to Make for Spring

Spring is a wonderful season: Sprouting greenery, flowers and fresh produces bring in joy and a sense of renewal. As seasonal cooking is the answer to delicious dishes and intense flavors, we made this round-up of fresh and healthy recipes to celebrate spring. From delicious side and main dishes to scrumptious desserts featuring spring fruit and vegetables, here is a selection of our all-time favorite on Eat Well 101. Add them to your collection today!

1st row:
 Strawberry Clafoutis
2. Pesto, Ham, Arugula Sandwich Wrap
3. Easy Vegetable Recipe: Couscous With Asparagus, Peas & Zucchini
4. Strawberry & Basil Crostini With Mozzarella
5. Carrots & Fava Beans Salad

Fresh recipes for Spring

2nd row:
Green Peas Quiches
7. Fresh Vegetable Salad
8. Tasty Strawberries Pudding Cake
9. Arugula Pesto With Olive Oil
10. Asparagus With Orange Sauce

best Spring Recipes

3rd row:
Chocolate Pistachio Strawberry Bites
12. Rhubarb Pie
13. Mint Green Peas Soup
14. Fresh Cilantro & Baby Spinach Salad
15. Chorizo Cheese Artichoke Quick Bread

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