7 Fun Recipe To Encourage Your Children To Get Hands-On In The Kitchen

cooking with kids in the kitchenWhen a mess is being made, it’s likely your children are taking a real interest in something. Whether they’re stepping muddy footprints into the house or dropping a little paint on the corner of the sofa, it’s a good sign they’re getting creative and curious, and experiencing the world for themselves.

As a keen cook, you’ll want to inspire the same development and creativity with food, so let them have fun in the kitchen. All it takes to help bring out the budding chef in your children is few extra minutes and a few ingredients. Let them try one of these supervised  activities and enjoy seeing the enthusiasm fly:

Make chocolate custard: Pour hot custard over roughly chopped chocolate and get the kids to stir until melted. Enjoy poured over homemade muffins.
Citrus fruit salad: let kids cut up grapefruit, oranges, satsumas and tangerines for a healthy snack.

Make smoothies: Just blend a banana with blackberries, blueberries and strawberries with milk, and add a little runny honey.

Apple sandwiches: stack fruit and cereals between two slices of apple, glued with yogurt and your kids get a healthy snack for mid-afternoon.

Banana sushis: Let you children roll slices of banana in oatmeal for a crunchy coating. Banana is very nutritive and a real “hunger cutter”.

Make potato burgers: Simple, quick to make and tasty! Fry 2 slices of potato, and add salad, ham, hard-boiled egg in between. Tie with a bamboo pick and your kids get a fun looking lunch.

Make granola bars: It’s easy for a young child to mix cereals with honey and one egg white while you take care of the baking process.

What are your tips to make your children at ease in the kitchen?

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