8 Great Ways to Enjoy Asparagus

Get scrumptiously creative with one of the world’s most versatile and healthy vegetables. You can use tender and flavorful asparagus as a side dish or added to omelets, soups, or salads for enhanced flavor. Casual fans are destined to become ardent aficionados of this vitamin-rich, mineral-packed, high-fiber, distinctly flavorful, and amazingly versatile vegetable. Here are 8 recipes starring asparagus in starters, stew, salads, or main dishes!

1st row:
1. Fresh Salmon & Asparagus Quiche
2. Couscous With Asparagus, Peas & Zucchini
3. Spiced Asparagus With Avocado, Lemon & Mint Dressing
4. Asparagus, Eggs, Radish, Lamb’s Lettuce
5. Asparagus With Orange Sauce

2nd row:
6. Tomato, Asparagus And Anchovies Salad
7. Mix Salad With Asparagus,Tomatoes, Mozzarella
8. Veal Stew With Asparagus & Mushrooms

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