10 Hearty Soups to Warm You Up this Winter

Winter depression may be hitting you like a ton of bricks and dropping temperatures outside don’t help that much. So what could be better than a bowl of comforting soups to warm you up this winter and keep the mood on good tracks? Thankfully, we’re here to help! Click through the slideshow to discover 10 of our deliciously hearty winter soups with a recipe for every kind of eater!

Top row:
1. Vegetable soup with Leek, Carrots and Potatoes
2. Corn, Potato and Bacon Soup
3. Butternut Squash Soup with Goat Cheese, Honey and Fresh Rosemary
4. A Vitalizing Carrot and Orange Soup Recipe
5. Recipe: Red Lentils Soup

Tasty winter soups

Bottom row:
6. Creamy Carrot Parsnip Soup
7. Spicy Spaghetti Squash Soup
8. Celery Soup with Chestnuts Pancetta & Apples
9. Fennel Soup Recipe
10. Chicken Soup with Chicken Breast & Conchigli

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