3 Ways to Make a Classic Banana Bread Even More Delicious

The delicious taste of a warm slice of banana bread is always a sure fire hit in any home. Regardless of age; banana bread is one of favorite foods of all time and one of the simplest snacks to bake. Whether you’d like to enjoy something unique like a chocolate chip banana bread or experiment with innovative, mouthwatering variants, here is 3 recipes ideas with a totally unexpected spin.

Chocolate banana bread recipe

Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread
The recipe couldn’t be easier: A generous chocolate swirl complements the banana flavor and it looks so pretty. The result is moist, full of flavor and it keeps very well. So, you should totally eat this for breakfast, especially when you’re in a rush.

walnut banana bread recipe

Walnuts Banana Bread
Ideal for a rich snack when it is very cold outside, this banana bread is full of nutty flavors.

banana bread recipe

Chocolate Chips Banana Bread
Here is a toothsome banana bread! Chewy, moist and tasty as it should be, accompanied with chocolate chips. The smell of this freshly baked loaf will fill your kitchen.

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