12 Steps Checklist for Kitchen Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning kitchen check list

As the weather warms up, Spring is the perfect occasion to kick start with the necessary cleaning chores in the house. Because we like to cook a lot, and often, let’s take a chance to catch up with the dirt, grease, dust and stains that pile up in our kitchens!

As you’re cleaning, it’s a good thing to do a list of things that you need to renew in your kitchen: It includes from basic cleaning supplies to cooking staples. Have it written down on a list to make sure you don’t forget anything when you’re reorganizing.

Gather your equipment, look for simplicity and efficiency:

  • Thick coton dish towels
  • A toothbrush, especially for clean up. It should be hard, with a rectangular head if possible.
  • 2 brushes: one soft and the other one hard.
  • A spatula or an old credit card: coupled with a dish towel, it’s useful for cleaning between the joints of microwave oven and other appliances.

So let’s start by the beginning:

1. Clean your pots and pans

Stainless steel pans and pots can be stained by heat and hot water, so the best way to remove stains in to use a cloth and white vinegar, then rinse and dry. Avoid soaking stainless steel utensils because the surfaces can become pitted. For your favorite cast iron pot, use a soft sponge and coarse salt, then rinse.

2. Clean out your sink

It’s not very inspiring to do the dishes in a dirty sink. So to not let the plates pile up to the ceiling, fill the sink to the rim with water then pour in a cup of bleach to disinfect properly. Don’t use hot water because it alters the disinfectant properties of the bleaching agent. After that, you can scrub the inside of your sink with baking soda to get rid of difficult stains. Rinse well and finish with a shining spray or wipe. Check these  more specific advices, depending on the material your sink is made of.

3. Cupboards, drawers, shelves

Empty everything out of your cupboards and drawers. You want to have a clear vision of what’s happening there! Get rid of out crumbs and dust and clean the surfaces with a damp cloth. You can change contact paper at the bottom, if you like to use some. Lot for your broken dishes and other kitchen accessories while doing this. It’s not necessary to clutter your valuable storage space with broken stuff. Clean the front and sides of your cabinets and drawers.

4. Clean and declutter your refrigerator and freezer

A thorough cleaning is mandatory here. If your refrigerator shelves are removable, take them out and wash them in the sink or dishwasher. Clean out the inside of your fridge with a wet, soapy cloth. of ourse, you have to throw out any expired foods. Wipe everything clean with a damp cloth.

5. Clean up your microwave

Here’s a good trick: fill a microwave-safe with water then turn the appliance on for one or two minutes at high intensity. Let the steam attack spills for a few more minutes, letting the door closed. Then wipe everything with a soapy cloth, rinse and wipe dry.

6. Organize your pantry

Now it’s time to throw out anything that’s expired. This includes cans and herbs or spices that have been sitting there for (way) too long.

7. Have your knives  sharpened by a professional

Sharpening knives makes preparation work easier and a safer use of these necessary tools.

8. Deep clean floors

Sweep everywhere but especially under the oven and refrigerator.

9. Wash the garbage can

Wash the inside and outside with a bleach and water solution. Rinse out and let it dry on the balcony or the backyard.

10. Clean drains and garbage disposals

Run a lemon or a cup of white vinegar through your garbage disposal to erase any bad smells.

11. Clean your oven

Clean the oven and give a good scrub work on your stove. Make a sort of paste with baking soda and water and spread it on the areas of your oven that need cleaning. Let dry overnight and scrape the gunk off in the morning. If your oven is self cleaning, don’t do anything.

12. Launch an empty dishwasher cycle

Add a little white vinegar to it beforehand to get rid of any odors. If you have a food trap in the bottom of your dishwasher, clean it out thoroughly.

Photo source: Cliff Spencer Furniture Maker – Marina del Rey, CA, US 90292

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