8 Comforting Soups for a Cold Winter Day

by Veronica Brandy – Updated Apr 25, 2021
8 Comforting Soups for a Cold Winter Day
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Comforting soup recipes – Soup is a great food that helps fill you up to beat winter blue! Ready in 30 minutes or less, here are 8 comforting soup recipes full of flavor for a cold winter day.

Quick Red Onion Soup

easy winter soups recipesA hot comforting soup to beat winter cold. Get the recipe here.

Curried Cranberry Carrot Soup

quick winter soup recipesKeep yourselfH warm on a cool fall night with this healthy curried carrot soup. Satisfying and flavorful, it takes about 25 minutes from start to finish, perfect for a busy weeknight dinner. Get the recipe.

Green Lentil Soup

best winter soup recipesThe ingredients are enough for you to get full, so you can even consider it as a main course for lunch or dinner. Get the recipe here.

Quick & Healthy Shrimp Vegetable Soup

hot winter soup recipesTake the stress out of dinner! This shrimp and vegetable soup is a quick and no-hassle filling meal that’s packed with flavor and healthy ingredients. Get the recipe here.

Easy Chicken Soup

winter soup for dinnerThis satisfying and soul-warming chicken soup is ready in less than 1 hour and requires very little hands-on work. Click here to get the recipe.

Corn, Potato and Bacon Soup

easy winter soup recipePerfect for warming you up on a cold winter day, this corn, potato, and bacon soup is exact right thing after a long drive, when you’re back home craving comforting but healthy food. Discover the recipe here.

One-Pot Chicken Pasta

light winter soup recipesWith a pinch of cayenne pepper to spice it up, this one pot pasta soup is perfect with your dinner on winter evenings! Click here for the recipe.

Roasted Sweet Potato Soup

winter soup recipesThick, creamy and bursting with curry spice, this very simple sweet potato soup is the perfect reward of a good home cooked meal. Click for the recipe.

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