New Recipes: Sardine Spread, Caramel & Nuts Tartlets and More

Oct 12, 2013
E. Brandy

healthy fall dinner recipes

Sardine, Cream Cheese and Chives Spread

Delicious and easy mini tarts-recipe

Caramel, Nuts and Raisins Tartlets

healthy Quick Bread recipe

Artichoke Cheese Bread with Chorizo

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Delicious and easy mini tarts-recipe thumbnail
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1. Sardine, Cream Cheese and Chives Spread
2. Caramel, Nuts and Raisins Tartlets
3. Carrot, Fennel and Orange Soup
4. Artichoke Cheese Bread with Chorizo
5. Pumpkin Soup with Green Beans and Zucchini
6. Salted Butter Shortbread Cookies
7. Hazelnuts and Cocoa Quick Bread

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