Your Ultimate Guide For Spring Produces

Spring is in full swing! Warmer temperatures, first picnics and backyard get-togethers, overflowing stalls at the farmers’ market… To celebrate all the fresh spring vegetable and fruits, we’ve compiled this spring produce guide with easy recipes for all the fruits and vegetables on the list.


ham-and-cheese-quiche-recipeFresh shelled green peas (also knowns as English peas) have an unique fresh flavor that will enhance your salads, soups, toast and even quiches and tarts!

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best spring producesAsparagus is easy to prepare and relatively quick to cook. If most of the time you’ll go for steamed or boiled asparagus, I encourage you to try them roasted or grilled, it’s simply wonderful.

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fresh spring producesTypical spring produce, rhubarb looks a bit like red celery but has nothing in common despite its red-green stalks and tart taste. You can either use it for its tartness, or cook it with sugar or other sweet fruits: pies, preserves, crumbles, and compotes, often paired with strawberries.

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spring produces recipesRadishes are mostly used in salads but you can also roast or steam them. They’re also delicious with a knob of butter, served on toasted bread.

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Spring vegetableSpring is also the peak season of artichokes. These large edible flowers can be cooked in many ways: steamed (the most common technique), grilled, or roasted.

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fresh spring fruit recipes ideasQueen of Spring, strawberry appears in almost any type of culinary preparation: tarts, cakes, jams, sauces, ice creams and sorbets, but also in salads, spicy salsa, toasts… Without forgetting drinks!

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how to cook SpinachSpinach is certainly among the most easy vegetables to cook. It has a lovely taste and you can enjoy it slow cooked, braised in a pan, or just tossed as a green salad.

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Fava Beans

spring produces guideFava beans, also known as broad beans bring a rich texture and flavor to dips, salads, and soups.

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