Our Goal

To inspire and connect people to the resources they need to eat well everyday, feel great and live happy.

What We Believe

At Eatwell101, we believe that delightful, balanced, wholesome food is a necessary foundation for well-being and happiness of the whole family.

Preparing this wholesome food doesn't require large amounts of money or time. It requires inspiration, connection to resources and motivation to do something about it.

The basic elements of wholesome food preparation can be learned and achieved by all.

Yummy and healthy are not mutually exclusive.

Our Mission

Help people to eat well everyday: cooking easy, delicious, and nourishing meals at home.

Who Is Eatwell101?

Founded in 2011, Eatwell101 consists of a small team of editors, creatives and developers passionate about food, photography, crafts, and design. The site is overseen and edited by Veronica Brandy Co-Founder & executive editor, and Eric Brandy CEO & Co-Founder.

How Can I Get the Most From Eatwell101?

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