Yummy New Ways To Eat Melons

We are in summer and it’s the prime season for melons, as they need heat to turn sweet. What would you think of a iced melon verrine for a fresh appetizer? Or a melon sorbet with a good book? Head on to your favorite farmer’s market and shop for some fruits! Look for melon that are fragrant and heavy. Tap the melon with your fingers, you’ll hear a hollow thump if it’s ripe! Here’s a selection of our best melon recipes, especially tailored for hot summer afternoons:
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1. Goat Cheese and Melon Pie 
2. Iced Melon Verrine
3. Melon, Ham, Olives, Ricotta Bread
4. Cantaloupe Melon Sorbet 
5. Cucumber And Melon Salad With Fresh mint 

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