15 Reasons Why You Love Chocolate

best chocolate cake ever

1. Because chocolate blends so well with coffee!
Chocolate Coffee Cake recipe


best chocolate cookies ever

2. Because chocolate allows any kind of combination in pastry…
Nutella or Quince Jam Shortbread Bars recipe


best chocolate nut candies image

3. Because it enhances dried or candied fruit and nuts
Candied Fruit, Nuts, and Chocolates recipe


best chocolate tiramisu recipe

4. Because chocolate is so comforting
The Best Tiramisu Recipe Ever


best chocolate yule log recipe picture

6. Because it is a traditional classic for holidays
Chocolate Yule Log recipe


best chocolate crinkle cookies recipe image

7. Because it’s crunchy
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

best chocolate banana cake image

8. Because chocolate goes so well with banana
Mini Chocolate Banana Cakes


best Chocolate Poached Pears images

9. Because chocolate goes so well with pear (I told you, it goes with EVERYTHING, right?)
Chocolate Poached Pears Recipe


best Chocolate Lava Cake photo

10. Because it’s volcanic
Read the Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe



best chocolate fudge pictures

11. Because chocolate requires no bake
Read the Dried Fruits Chocolate Recipe


best Chocolate Desserts picture

12. Simply because there’s white chocolate!
White Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe


best Chocolate Apple Jam image

13. Because real gourmets are all after chocolate
Chocolate Apple Jam Recipe


best Chocolate Truffles images

14. Because chocolates are always an appreciated gift
Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Delicious Chocolate Desserts

15. Because chocolate is simply sexy
Chocolate Sauce Recipe

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