10 Tips to Make Pancakes Perfectly Every Time

easy homemade pancakes pictureDo you feel like everyone knows how to make amazing pancakes, while you have always struggled to make beautiful, smooth, perfect ones? Do not panic! Here are a few tips to make perfect pancakes:

1. Good products make good pancakes! Quality products are very important: fresh eggs, fluid flour and know that the dough will be much better with whole milk instead of skim or semi-skim milk.
2. Sift the flour (with a sieve or colander) to make it thin as possible and ensure there are no lumps.
3. Mix gently when incorporating milk with flour; the dough will be smooth and fluid.
4. To avoid lumps in your preparation, heat the milk a little before adding it to the flour.
5. Replace one cup of milk with the same amount of water, cider or beer to make lighter pancakes.
6. If your dough seems to be too thick, add a little water but not milk otherwise it will become sticky.
7. If your dough is too liquid, add an egg or just a little flour (pour small amounts while stirring).
8. To verify if the consistency of your dough is good, dip a spoon in the preparation and swipe it back: if the trace left by the spoon is clear, it means your batter is perfect!
9. For more originality, you can flavor your batter with lemon, orange blossom and vanilla.
10. For a perfect pancake batter, do not forget to let it rest (a few hours). You can also keep it in a cool bottle and use it later. Don’t forget to shake the bottle before use.

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