Our 15 Best Tarts You’ll Love

Melon tart with Fresh Goat Cheese Recipe image

Melon Tart with Fresh Goat Cheese

Here is a recipe which will be both cheese and dessert, you can either eat as a starter with a good smoked ham and a few arugula leaves, or after a meal.

Blackcurrant Curd Tarts Recipe image

Blackcurrant Curd Tarts

What’s cuter than a small black currant pie to brighten up a snack or a late meal, served with coffee or tea?

how to make a good tomato tart tatin image

Tomato Tart Tatin

Here’s a good recipe idea: a t​omato tatin tart! Delight your guests and yourself too!

With the arrival of good sunny weather (well almost) tasty tomatoes are back.

How to make a chocolate tart image

Chocolate Raspberry Tarts

These tarts are good either warm or cold. You can also make one bigger.
You can serve these chocolate tartlets with strawberry carpaccio with fresh mint and a raspberry sorbet.

How to Make Mini Apple Tarts image

Mini Apple Tarts

Let’s make some delicious mini apple tart tatins.
This recipe is perfect for a workshop with kids, at school for example.

How to make Thin Apple Tarts with Jelly image

Thin Apple Tarts with Jelly

These lovely apple tarts are made in a jiffy. Apples tarts require few ingredients and are not too heavy to eat after a meal. These small apple pies were so much appreciated that I have to make some more for tomorrow afternoon.

How to make Pear Tart Recipe image

Pear Tart Recipe on a Bed of Pistachios

The association of pistachios with pear is perfect: don’t hesitate to load up with pear, the more there are, the more the result will wake up greediness…

How to make Walnuts Tart Recipe image

Walnuts and Honey Tart

In these tartlets, dried fruits are predominant and cooked in a good amount of honey to enjoy them at their fair value. Then, just pour the mixture on a shortbread pastry and bake in the oven. Honey does not caramelize and the fruit is not welding and gives a soft texture.

How to make Chocolate & Caramel tart recipe image

Chocolate & Caramel Tart

This chocolate and caramel tart will be faster to do if you use a good ready-made pastry. Anyway, I give you the chocolate pastry recipe in case you want it 100% homemade.

How to make Orange Tart tatin Recipe image

Orange Tart Tatin RecipeOrange Tart Tatin Recipe

As we all know the classic tatin pie with apples, we’ll experiment with a coming seasonal fruit: orange! Let’s rool out our skills to make a great orange tatin pie. It’s promished, it’s not difficult at all.

How to make Small Figs Tarts Recipe image

Small Figs Tarts Recipe

Cheese or dessert, why must we have to choose? At the end of the meal it is sometimes difficult to do without one or the other, but the appetite is not always what you can control easily… With these tarts you have the perfect compromise.

How to make Mushrooms Tart Recipe image

Pancetta And Mushrooms Tart

A savory tart recipe , fragrant, and easy to make: it is possible! This simple tart recipe consists of a ricotta bed sprinkled with fresh thyme and lots of mushrooms. The crispy pancetta gives a fine and perfect contrast to this easy tart recipe. In short, a perfect pie for a quick dinner with a good salad.

Figs Tart recipe image

Figs Tart with Fourme d’Ambert

This little pie is eaten as a starter, or as little snack in the evening with a nice salad.

how to make The French Apple Pie image

French Apple Tart

Learn how to make Delicious French Tarte Tatin, While the tarte Tatin is a classic, it is above all a delight! This is an inverted pie which allows perfect caramelization of apples that you pour in a thin blanket of puff pastry.

Lemon tart Recipe image

Lemon Meringue Tart

This Lemon Meringue tart an ideal dessert for Thanksgiving as it is lighter than a traditional cake after a good roasted turkey

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Do you need a tart recipe? Maybe you’re lacking of inspiration or just ran out of your usual ingredients so you’re looking for a quick fix? Don’t panic as you’re at the good place. Here’s a selection of our best tarts recipes: sweet and savory as well. So you won’t lack of choice and I bet you’ll find something interesting to begin your “tart journey”!
Our criteria are following as usual: not expensive and easy to do. Are you ready?
How to Make Mini Apple Tarts imagePhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

Tart recipes selection:

1. Melon Tart with Fresh Goat Cheese
2. Blackcurrant Curd Tarts
3. Tomato Tart Tatin
4. Chocolate Raspberry Tarts
5. Mini Apple Tarts
6. Thin Apple Tarts with Jelly
7. Pear Tart Recipe on a Bed of Pistachios
8. Walnuts and Honey Tart
9. Chocolate & Caramel Tart
10. Orange Tart Tatin Recipe

Melon tart with Fresh Goat Cheese Recipe imagePhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

11. Small Figs Tarts Recipe
12. Pancetta And Mushrooms Tart
13. Figs Tart with Fourme d’Ambert
14. French Apple Tart
15. Lemon Meringue Tart

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