48 Lighter Recipes for a Healthy New Year

Jan 8, 2013
Sidney Yang
light peach recipe photo

Baked Peaches and Caramel Sauce

healthy carrot salad pictures

Discover the Carrots Salad with Pears recipe

lightweight tabbouleh salad photo

Tabbouleh Salad Recipe

fat free vitamin salad recipe photo

Salad recipe: Vitamin Salad recipe

healthy fall salad recipe photo

Salad recipe: Fall Salad Recipe

low fat healthy salad recipe pictures

After all the holiday’s hearty foods and rich dinners,  I guess many of you are hoping to start the year off with some healthier food! We’ve put together a collection of lighter recipes, from salad to low fat desserts, including main courses, low calorie appetizers and side dishes. We carefully hand-picked these flavorful recipes to delight your taste buds despite eliminating all the richest ingredients!

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