Seasonal Vegetable: Brussels Sprouts

brussel sprout picture

Why do we love Brussel sprouts? Brussels Sprouts are believed to have been developed in Belgium, hence the name. While these leafy greens get sometimes a bad rap for their atypical taste, these miniature cabbages are great when you cook them properly. Brussels sprouts are also rich in fiber, potassium, vitamins A and C and iron. What’s great is that bring very few calories.

These tiny heads grow in vertical rows on long and thick stalks. Sometimes you can find them sold when they’re still on the stalk. Be careful because it isn’t necessarily a sign of freshness, though it looks nice.

Buying and storing

Brussels sprouts are a winter vegetable, they are best from early fall through early spring. The smaller they are, the better they taste. So you shouldn’t but any Brussel sprouts with yellowish or soft leaves or vegetables that are soft or not very compact. Store your brussel sprouts loosely wrapped in plastic in your refrigerator.


Trim the hard edge of the stem with a paring knife and remove any loose leaves. Cut, slice, or leave the Brussel sprouts whole.

Best cooking methods

The best ways to cook Brussel sprouts are certainly roasting, sautéing, and simmering.
How to know when they are done? They should be tender enough to be easily pierced with a skewer or a knife. Do not overcook Brussel sprouts otherwise they would become mushy.

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