Vegetables come in a huge variety of colors, flavors, shapes and sizes. But the techniques we can use to prepare them are even more numerous: steaming, boiling, microwaving, sautéing, roasting, and grilling or broiling—in fact, every cooking method you can name applies to vegetables.

how to cook vegetables

If you try to master just one of these cooking skills, you will suddenly realize you can cook not only any vegetable but every vegetable. And when you get bored of this method — or when you want to simply expand your skills — you can start to practice another method, until soon you know how to cook all kinds of veggies in many different ways.

Vegetables and Beans recipes list

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In this category you will learn how to think about vegetables  and how you intend to eat them: from barely cooked to soft enough to make a smooth purée. You’ll discover simple recipes for each cooking techniques of degrees of difficulty.

If you’re a complete cooking beginner, you can follow the recipes step by step and end up with a wide repertoire of delicious, easy-to-make vegetable dishes. As you gain more and more experience, you can put your own twist on the recipes by changing one or more ingredients.
The main point is this: cooking vegetables — we count beans in this category — is not so difficult you might think, and there are so different ways to make them taste delicious that even the pickiest eaters will find a lot to like.

Vegetables and Beans recipes list

recipes for vegetables

The Eggplant Caponata

vegetables recipes -recipes for vegetables image

Vinegar Marinated Onions

vegetable recipe - roasted vegetable recipe image

Roast Beets in the Oven

recipes for zucchini - Sauteed Zucchini image

Sauteed Zucchinis

vegetable side dishes

Sweet Peppers Stir-Fry with Bacon

vegetable casserole - recipe vegetable casserole image

Vegetable Terrine Recipe

main dish recipes - Spicy Oven Baked Potatoes image

Spicy Oven Baked Potatoes

grilling vegetables - Grilled Onions and Potatoes image

Grilled Onions and Potatoes

recipe for sweet potato - sweet potato recipe image

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Braised Vegetables - recipe Vegetables image

Braised Vegetables

vegetable meals - Braised Swiss Chards image

Braised Swiss Chards

vegetable dishes

Eggplant Spread with Tomato

vegetable side dish

Marinate Eggplant

roasted vegetables recipe

Potato Gratin

vegetable recipes

Roast Peppers

spinach recipes

Spinach Pesto Sauce

recipes for main dish - recipes main dish image

Baked Cheesy & Spicy Potatoes

recipes with vegetables

Eggplant Spread Condiment

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vegetables recipes thumbnail
roasted vegetable recipe thumbnail
zucchini recipes - Sauteed Zucchinis thumbnail
vegetable side dishes thumbnail
vegetable casserole - Vegetable Terrine Recipe thumbnail
main dish recipes - recipe for main dish  thumbnail
grilling vegetables - grilling vegetables recipe thumbnail
sweet potato recipe - easy sweet potato recipe thumbnail
vegetable stir fry - Braised Vegetables thumbnail
vegetable meals - vegetable recipe thumbnail
vegetable dishes thumbnail
vegetable side dish thumbnail
roasted vegetables recipe thumbnail
vegetable recipes thumbnail
spinach recipes thumbnail
recipes for main dish thumbnail
recipes with vegetables thumbnail
Vegetables-recipe---Beans-r thumbnail
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