Tomato Basil Strawberry Salsa

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Tomato Basil Strawberry Salsa
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Tomato Basil Strawberry Salsa - #salsa #recipe #eatwell101 - The perfect fresh and tasty side for your weekend cookouts!

Tomato Basil Strawberry Salsa – The perfect fresh and tasty side for your weekend cookouts! Your friends and family will love this tomato basil strawberry salsa recipe. You can make this salsa in minutes with this fresh restaurant style recipe full of sweet and vibrant flavors. This tomato strawberry salsa recipe has the perfect brightness with fresh lime and will be fabulous with grilled meat, fish, or chicken. Enjoy!

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Ingredients list for the tomato basil strawberry salsa

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1. To make the tomato basil strawberry salsa: Add all ingredients to a large serving bowl and toss gently until well combined.

2. Refrigerate the tomato basil strawberry salsa for at least 1 hour before serving, to let the flavors combine. Give a quick stir when serving because the juices tend to set at the bottom. Enjoy!

Tips for the salsa recipe

You are going to love this salsa recipe for Memorial Day, potlucks, parties, or just keeping in the fridge for any time when you need a fresh and delicious snack! Here are a few tips to make the best salsa ever:

  • The best salsa is made with fresh tomatoes. Canned tomatoes simply don’t offer the same taste equivalent. Using fresh tomatoes make a world of difference, especially when you use nicely ripened in-season tomatoes
  • Don’t puree the salsa, some chunky texture is a good thing here.
  • Let the homemade salsa sit for 30 minutes or more. The more it sits, the better and better it gets. Time allows all the flavors and ingredients to mingle together.
  • You can use parsley or cilantro instead of basil.

How to serve the tomato basil strawberry salsa?

Spoon this flavorful salsa over eggs, tacos, on your favorite Mexican dishes, or just scoop it up with tortilla chips, pita crisps. This is also great lettuce wrap topper!

How Long Will Salsa Last?

Store the tomato strawberry salsa in a sealed container in your fridge. It should last for up to a week.

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