Instant Pot Creamy Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pasta

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Instant Pot Creamy Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pasta
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Instant Pot Creamy Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pasta - #chicken #instantpot #eatwell101 #recipe - This Instant Pot chicken pasta is incredibly easy to make, so it’s perfect for weeknight dinners.
Instant Pot Creamy Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pasta - #chicken #instantpot #eatwell101 #recipe - This Instant Pot chicken pasta is incredibly easy to make, so it’s perfect for weeknight dinners.

Instant Pot Creamy Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pasta Recipe – If you get a craving for a creamy, easy one-pot dish, this Instant Pot chicken pasta Recipe is incredibly easy to make, so it’s perfect for weeknight dinners. This hassle-free chicken and pasta in the Instant Pot is simmered in a rich and creamy cheese sauce and brings you “instant” comfort. No need to be standing by the pot, it’s ready in less than 30 minutes. Enjoy!

instant pot chicken pasta recipePhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

Ingredients list for the Instant Pot Creamy Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pasta Recipe


chicken in instant pot 2Photo credit: © Eatwell101.com

instant pot chicken pastaPhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

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1. To make the instant pot creamy garlic parmesan chicken pasta recipe: Combine all the seasoning ingredients (salt, pepper, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, paprika) and season the chicken pieces.

2. Turn on the pressure cooker and press the SAUTE function. Adjust to high and heat olive oil. Quickly saute chicken on all sides then add chopped onion (or shallot).

3. Turn OFF the saute function and deglaze the pot with some of the chicken stock. Add the pasta and chicken stock and give everything a good stir.

4. Cover with the lid and lock it into its position. Turn the vent to the SEALING position. Press the MANUAL button (pressure cooking) and adjust the time to 3 minutes. When cooking is finished, release the pressure.

5. Stir in butter, heavy cream, cream cheese, grated Parmesan, and more spices if you like. Taste and add more seasoning if needed. Sprinkle with finely chopped basil and serve the instant pot creamy garlic parmesan chicken pasta immediately. Enjoy!

pasta chicken recipes recipePhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

Tips for the Instant Pot chicken pasta recipe

This quick Instant Pot chicken pasta recipe is comfort food at its best! Every bite of this chicken pasta is loaded up with tender chicken, pasta, and the perfect amount of sauce and seasonings! Here are a few tips to make the best chicken pasta recipe ever in a pressure cooker:

  • You might want to adjust the liquid depending on how you like the texture.
  • This creamy pasta recipe works also with boneless skinless chicken thighs or ground beef. Follow the same directions as the chicken breasts.
  • To make this pasta recipe vegetarian, simply replace chicken with your favorite veggies such as mushrooms, it’s crazy delicious too.

How to store the Instant Pot chicken pasta?

Transfer any chicken pasta leftover in an airtight container. Then store in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Heat it up for a minute or two in the microwave with a tablespoon of water to loosen the sauce.

What other readers say about this Instant Pot chicken pasta recipe

“My husband put it on the top of the list!” – Nicole

“Very tasty! I loved how this was creamy without tasting like Alfredo sauce. It was full of flavor and creamy, but not too rich. Will definitely make again!” – Valerie

“Super easy fast delicious meal! Added some baby spinach to green it up” – Christina

“Super good! And chicken is cooked perfectly!” – Gracie

“This is one of my favorite things to make in my pressure cooker!” – Samantha

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  • Anna

    2024-03-30 20:54:47

    Really good. I added an extra cup of broth to cover the pasta.

  • Ashley

    2024-03-07 08:13:39

    I was just wanting to know what pressure setting do you cook this one? High or low pressure? Thank you!

  • Amy

    2024-01-16 00:00:24

    Turned out great! I used 4 cups of broth as 3 didn’t seem to be enough to submerge the pasta. Also added minced garlic at the same time as the onion. When finished cooking I had no excess liquid. Only did one cup of cream and added an extra bit of salt, pepper, basil and parsley at the end.

  • Kelly

    2024-01-11 13:21:41

    I had to add some corn starch but it’s amazing

  • Liz

    2023-12-19 19:05:18

    This was pretty good! I had a lot of liquid at the end so I added about 1.5 TBS of flour. Then when I tasted it, it was a little too "Alfredo-y" so I dumped some red pasta sauce to the mix to taste. Turned out fantastic!! We will definitely make again. I will also add some red pepper flakes to my bowl as well to give it more of a kick.

  • Sydney

    2023-08-29 20:22:58

    I made this for dinner tonight, and it was good! Flavour was there, though my 3 year old kept gagging in it, she did eat her whole bowl. My 5 year old ate her whole bowl as well, the only issue I had is I should of cooked my noodles separately as they were slightly over cooked. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  • Natalie

    2023-08-16 20:02:20

    I made this recipe with some modifications as I'm lactose intolerant, although I can eat parmesan. I used a cup more chicken broth to cook, and then added 5 oz of parm instead of 3 oz. It came out perfectly creamy and delicious. My picky 11 year old loved it and husband had a second serving.

  • Kasanita

    2023-04-11 20:14:37

    ABSOLUTELY YUM. Quick and easy and worth every second! Going into the routine dinners for sure! Thank you!!

  • Autumn

    2022-12-12 19:12:54

    Noodles were done in 3 minutes. Adding two more to see if that will be enough

  • Jennifer

    2022-12-11 18:03:48

    Huge family hit! I adapted for a cooktop. I doubled the chicken with 2 teenage boys in the house. The modifications to the recipe were to double the spices for the chicken. I cooked the pasta separately. I used Better Than Bouillon Chicken Base. I used 3 t or the equivalent to 3 cups of base but only added 3/4 c of water. Turned out great! I want to try in the instapot but I haven't used it and I didn't want to mess it up. Great meal!

  • Nancy

    2022-12-01 17:24:14

    Delicious and simple! I added more heavy cream, more cream cheese, and some cheddar as well. So unhealthy but so delicious 🤤 Thank you for sharing this!

  • Julie

    2022-04-28 18:57:33

    Very tasty, made with shredded old cheddar since I didn't have cream cheese on hand. Will try with cream cheese next time becaus there will be a next time !!!

  • Wendy

    2022-04-27 13:38:18

    Delicious, very flavorful and super easy to make!

  • Jenn

    2022-04-21 19:08:54

    Amazing flavor. Pasta al dente. Perfect! Will make often!

  • Kristell

    2022-03-27 02:08:01

    Bloody delicious! I added minced garlic aswell, will be making again.

  • Matthew

    2022-03-13 23:46:55

    I didn't want to use a pressure cooker, so I adapted the recipe to cook on the stove top. Still delicious! So much flavor!

  • Gina

    2022-02-02 15:21:24

    We love this pasta dish! I noticed the notes mention using ground beef in this recipe. How would it be made with ground beef and would the cooking times be the same? Thanks in advance!

  • Tracy

    2021-12-20 20:26:01

    Made it- followed the recipe except doubled the cheese cause well, it's cheese! Used rotini noodles and they came out perfect! Whole family loved it! Thanks for the recipe!

  • Lori

    2021-12-15 19:51:52

    Very yummy but I followed to a T and got the dreaded burn notice so half of my pasta was uncooked. No, there were no bits stuck to the bottom after I sautéed the chicken. I made sure of that. I think I needed more liquid to cook in. Very tasty. Will adjust next time.

  • Mike

    2021-12-13 20:01:08

    Pretty good garlic pasta with no garlic lol

  • Jess

    2021-12-04 18:55:54

    I’m not a big cook, others in my house tend to do it. However this is one of my easy go tos after work. It’s simple and yummy! I tend to cut the Italian seasoning in half and bump up the garlic to add a little more flavor. We well I tend to use a bit more cheese than listed because I LOVE cheese.

  • Stacey

    2021-12-04 16:02:59

    This recipe is so easy and delicious!! Makes just enough for my family of 5. This is hands down my 3 kids’ (ages 13, 11, and 6) favorite dinner!

  • Darcy

    2021-11-04 19:24:24

    Super yummy. We used penne pasta tho and the noodles were definitely way underdone so we'll have to adjust cook time for next time.

  • Liz

    2021-09-07 19:50:34

    This was easy and delicious. I left out the paprika. And used a little less cream and butter. And added fresh garlic. Perfect texture and balanced flavor.

  • Ashley

    2021-08-06 18:18:23

    Sadly, I don’t have a instant pot. How can I make this yummy recipe on the stove? Please Thanks

  • Melissa A.

    2021-08-01 18:49:43

    I’ve made this for my family three times now. It is SO easy and SOOOOOOO delicious!! And the kids love it (for the 7 year old to eat it, that’s a huge win). This recipe will definitely be used many times to come!

  • Laura

    2021-07-10 17:39:30

    Looks delicious! Do you think the recipe could be doubled?

  • Michelle

    2021-07-09 01:05:04

    Made this with 2% evaporated milk instead of heavy cream and added an extra tablespoon of butter and oz of cream cheese. Turned out great!

  • Sarah

    2021-05-23 21:18:21

    This was great! Deglazed with wine and it was all delicious.

  • Miriam

    2021-05-06 11:05:34

    Just made this last night with ground chicken and it was delicious! I used whole wheat pasta so I wasn't sure if the 3 cups of stock would be enough so I added enough water to cover the pasta (per another recommendation cooking wheat pasta in the instant pot) and at first, it came out too watery but the pasta absorbed most of the liquid and became nice and creamy, as intended. Since it's just my husband and I, we got plenty of leftover for taking to work for lunch and for dinner tonight. No cooking for me! Yay! It's going to be one of those recipes that will be made again and again. Thank you so much for this recipe!

  • Sandy

    2021-04-17 18:42:38

    This meal is a family favorite! We make is regularly and its so delicious. Its actually cooking right now and Im adding broccoli to it at the very end to add some color. (frozen and cooked). Thank you so much for a great recipe!

  • kenzie kelly

    2021-02-20 11:25:40

    So good!! This is our favorite dish that I make! So yummy and so easy! We make this at least once a month in our family! :)

  • Telisa

    2021-02-16 21:10:02

    Made this tonight and it was good. Added a tablespoon of minced garlic when I added the onions because there is no such thing as too much garlic in this house. Used penne rigate instead of elbow pasta with a longer cook time of 7 minutes.. I also cooked then added a bag of frozen broccoli to add some veg. Paired with some garlic bread sticks and a salad, dinner was easy and delicious. Will definitely make this again.

  • Tina A

    2021-02-14 19:13:19

    Had to add more time to it Total of 15 min. ( with time in recipe)

  • Aredding94@gmail.com

    2021-02-09 18:01:30

    I added more time for pasta, about 8 minutes. I added more basil too.

  • Ashley

    2021-02-05 20:50:54

    Delicious! And so easy. I followed the recipe as written (I did add more of the same spices at the end.) I used elbow macaroni and it was cooked perfectly. My husband and little kids enjoyed it. I’m definitely making this again.

  • Cortney

    2021-02-01 20:21:47

    This was yummy! We used penne Reigate pasta since we didn't have elbows and cooked half the time on the pasta package. So delicious and a hit with the toddler too!

  • Sue

    2021-01-26 14:49:51

    Very tasty, but elbows were not cooked after 3 minutes, added a little more chicken broth turned back on for one minute plus the time it took to come back up to pressure and it was perfect.

  • Sarah

    2021-01-22 17:53:41

    Just tried this for the first time tonight, I added a tablespoon of minced garlic in when the chicken and onion was sautéing. Absolutely delightful! So impressed! Will make again and again for sure!

  • Stefnie

    2021-01-13 21:11:56

    I’ve made this recipe over and over again and finally am leaving a review. All of my kids and husband, as well as our picky eater nephew LOVE this recipe. I add a little nutmeg to the chicken spices but other than that we DEVOUR this dish every time I make it! Thank you for providing it and I hope you know how much my family appreciates it!

  • Dana

    2021-01-11 20:22:35

    This was delicious!! Wondering if it freezes well? Can I freeze this?

  • Tink

    2021-01-11 08:07:29

    Oh my soul!This was amazing thank you! Improvised a bit as my kids have a dairy intolerance.I used smooth cream cheese and nolac milk instead.

  • Alanna

    2021-01-09 17:32:03

    Absolutely amazing! We will be making this again for sure! My kids (2 of which are picky eaters) even cleared their plates! So yum! Just needed to thicken the sauce up a bit at the end and it was perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kimberly James

    2021-01-05 22:24:39

    This was amazing. Everyone loved it

  • Lisa

    2020-12-26 18:53:25

    I loved it!! I added a can of diced tomatoes with basil, oregano and garlic when I added the pasta and broth. Very yummy!!

  • Bethany

    2020-12-19 22:05:56

    Very good!

  • Meg M

    2020-12-14 21:47:55

    Tried this recipe, pasta was not cooked after 5 minutes. I’m adding more stock and cooking a little longer..

  • Courtney

    2020-12-10 16:28:46

    How would you make this in a crockpot?

  • Jessica

    2020-12-09 15:38:12

    I am planning on making this but do not have an instant pot, how should I modify the recipe to make on the stove top?

  • Laurie R

    2020-12-08 20:55:12

    Made this for the first time tonight. I used penne pasta, 5 oz of cream cheese and 8 oz of Parmigian. Also, at the end I added a bag of frozen peas. In retrospect, I agree with some of the other reviews that I would decrease the chicken cooking time and increase the pasta cooking time. It was very good, and my husband encouraged me to make it again!

  • Libby C

    2020-12-06 20:32:06

    This stuff is literally the best ever!!! It’s my family’s favorite! I have 2 super picky eaters and they beg me to make this several times a month! Not to mention it is super easy to make too!!! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  • Laura

    2020-12-06 16:02:11

    I’ve made this recipe a few times, it’s a go-to for my household. We substitute penne pasta, we think it is better that way. However, for some reason it comes out inconsistent, sometimes its liquidy and sometimes it’s super thick (we prefer it thick). So I followed it to a T this time and it was liquidy after all the heavy cream was added. The instant pot timing is a little off, 3 minutes was not enough to fully cook penne pasta, took around 5 minutes to get it al dente. Best part of the recipe is the chicken seasoning blend!!!!

  • Amber Richard

    2020-12-05 13:52:08

    We LOVE this recipe! My kids request it every week. After making exactly as the recipe says, I upped the cook time to 4 minutes because 3 didn’t cook the noodles enough for us! I’m doubling the recipe today and was wondering do I need to double the cook time as well?

  • Lindsay

    2020-11-29 17:33:01

    This is delicious!!

  • Sandy

    2020-11-25 18:44:17

    This was amazing. The whole family loved it. Making it again right now and everyone cant wait for this goodness! We’re a large group so I doubled everything and it turned out perfect. Only added a little bit more cream.

  • Stephanie

    2020-11-15 19:06:45

    I was wanting to know how long do we cook this on the pressure cook option. It doesn't state anywhere how long to cook or on what option

  • Sandy

    2020-11-13 18:53:57

    This was really good. It’s just my husband and I so I cut the pasta back to 8 ounces and the chicken broth to 2 1/4 cups. It was still plenty for more than two meals for us. This will definitely be a keeper for us! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  • Denise

    2020-11-10 19:46:07

    This was super easy to make on a Tuesday night between running kids to sports. My family of 5 loved it! I doubled the chicken because it was how much I had available to cook & it turned out great. Thank you!

  • Stacey

    2020-11-06 18:14:41

    I was looking for a recipe using chicken and heavy cream (things I had on hand that I needed to use) and stumbled upon this recipe. It was absolutely delicious - my family of 5 (including 3 picky children) loved it and called it a “keeper”. Directions were simple and easy to follow and need no for any adjustments!

  • Corrie

    2020-11-05 17:12:48

    In the ingredients it says chicken broth, but in the instructions it says chicken stock. I’m not sure if it matters, but which should I use?

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