10 Fresh Salads for a Spring Picnic Lunch

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Salad Goodness: Tomato, Asparagus and Anchovies Salad

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Fresh Cooking: Crunchy Coleslaw

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Weeknight Go-To: Easy Recipe for Red Cabbage Salad

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Spring is here and calling us outside our homes to get some fresh air. What about going out for a picnic lunch at the park? Here are 10 spring salads that offer a delicious taste of “outdoors”, and something fresh, something new for your spring picnic table. Plus, these salads don’t involve mayonnaise and many don’t even have dairy, so it’s light and can stand sun on the picnic table! For a better crunch, pack ingredients and dressing separately, then toss on the spot. Enjoy the recipes!

best spring salad recipes

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