Need Some Chocolate Decadence? 5 Twists on Chocolate Pasta

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Chocolate Pasta — by The Brooklyn Ragazza

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Penne Cocoa Pasta with a Creamy Mushroom Sauce — by Ren Behan

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Chocolate Pasta recipe thumbnail
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Have you ever been a “blind” cook? I mean cooking without knowing an ingredient, just throwing ideas around and seeing what happens. Following our chocolate recipe round up, here is a new approach of cooking with our so beloved chocolate. Chocolate is an ingredient that evokes pictures of decadent sweetness and calls for dessert… usually. But sometimes, some inspired cooks twist preconceptions and play with other parameters. Marc Matsumoto from No Recipes says, “roasted cocoa beans that are used to make chocolate could be described with adjectives such as earthy, nutty, and warm. These are words that don’t necessarily go with “sweet” and could even be used to describe other ingredients such as wheat, mushrooms, and aged cheese.”

So here’s a selection of fine recipes from main course to desserts that involve chocolate in the form of pasta; enjoy the tour!


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