14 Creative Ways to Decorate a Kitchen With Purple

purple kitchen design

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Decorate kitchen With Purple

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purple kitchen ideas

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purple kitchen style thumbnail
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Combine chilling blue with hot, deep red and you get a brilliant purple. This is the color of nobility, mystery, and majesty; it is very visually convincing especially when decorating a home. Just like red, purple works very well with neutral colors. It’s an excellent choice for painting a kitchen: both rare and elegant. Look at our selection of purple kitchen photos. The atmosphere is calm, majestic and classy. The juxtaposition of materials creates a sharp contrast that brings elegance to any kitchen, small or not!

There are many creative ways to play with purple in a kitchen:

– Paint: make a bold statement and paint a wall with purple. Don’t overdo it and limit yourself to just one wall.
– Purple kitchen accessories: vases, rugs, lamp shades, curtains… everything is ok to bring in that pretty color accent
– Kitchen appliances: invest into some nice purple appliances to enhance your decor. These can be hard to find in local stores but the Internet is such a great resource for specialized online shops.
– Purple kitchen cabinets: painting your kitchen cabinets

requires a lot of work but it is fun and rewarding. Purple cabinetry is very unusual in such a functional space so give it a go!

I hope this round-up gave you some good ideas for your next shopping or revamping session!

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