Seasonal Salads: 10 Fresh and Creative Recipes for Spring

fresh salad recipes

2. White Asparagus Arugula Spring Salad with Meyer Lemon White Balsamic Dressing - by Boulder Locavore

Spring Salad recipes

3. Thai Shrimp Salad - by Bev Cooks

fresh salad mix

4. Asparagus ribbon spring salad - by With Raw Intentions

spring salad with radish

5. A Spring Salad - by Playin With My Food

Spring beet pear salad

6. Roasted beet, pear and walnut salad - via Camille Styles

Spring Salads

7. Spring Salad with Pansies and Strawberry Vinaigrette - by Rattlebridge Farm

fresh vegetable salad recipes

8. Great Lakes Spring Salad - A Bachelor and His Grill

Roasted Sweet Potato salad image

9. Roasted Sweet Potato Salad - by Espresso and Cream

Spring Salad photo

10. Spring mix salad recipe – by Eat Well 101

spring mix Salad  thumbnail
fresh salad recipes thumbnail
Spring Salad recipes thumbnail
fresh salad mix thumbnail
spring salad with radish thumbnail
Spring beet pear salad thumbnail
Spring Salads thumbnail
fresh vegetable salad recipes thumbnail
Roasted Sweet Potato salad thumbnail
Spring Salad photo thumbnail
Spring salads are coming! Depending on your location, you might be starting to see more colorful produce and great vegetables at your local markets. Why not throwing some fresh ingredients in your best salad bowl and mixing up a great dressing for a colored and crunchy lunch? We wanted to capture what’s in the air with this season’s beginning, so we selected 10 fresh and creative spring salads from some of our favorite bloggers, to inspire your next brunch or picnic:

1st row:
1. Chickpea, spring onion + tuscan kale salad – The First Mess
2. White Asparagus Arugula Spring Salad with Meyer Lemon White Balsamic Dressing – Boulder Locavore
3. Thai Shrimp Salad – Bev Cooks
4. Asparagus ribbon spring salad – With Raw Intentions
5. A Spring Salad – Playin With My Food

spring salad with radishPhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

2nd row:
6. Roasted beet, pear and walnut salad – via Camille Styles
7. Spring Salad with Pansies and Strawberry Vinaigrette – by Rattlebridge Farm
8. Great Lakes Spring Salad – A Bachelor and His Grill
9. Roasted Sweet Potato Salad – by Espresso and Cream
10. Spring mix salad recipe – by Eat Well 101

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