Beat The Heat With These Fresh Summer Fruit Salads

Beat The Heat With These Fresh Summer Fruit Salads

quick summer fruit salad

Apricot Salad

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1 lb (500g) apricots
3 tbsp (25 g) powdered sugar
1 cup (25 cl) of water
5-6 sprigs of lemon thyme
A few basil sprigs

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Simple Summer Fruit Salad

Nectarines & Melon Salad

2 small melons
2 nectarines or peaches, yellow or white flesh
1 handful of fresh mint leaves
3-4 tablespoons brown sugar
Zest and juice of one organic lemon

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Sparkling Summer Fruit Salad

Apples, Grapes & Peaches Salad

2 peaches
2 apples
7 ounces (200g) white grape
1 lime
2 tbsp sugar
2 sprigs of basil

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easy summer fruit salad

Fresh Strawberry Salad

1/2 pound (250g) organic strawberries
3 tablespoons (40g) sugar
1/2 cup (125ml) of water
1 medium lemon verbena branch

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best summer fruit salad

Chilled Watermelon Soup with Melon

1/2 watermelon
1 melon
Juice of 2 lemons
4 tablespoons of sugar cane syrup
1 bunch of mint

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Perfect Summer Fruit Salad

Cantaloupe Salad with Ginger Syrup

1 ripe cantaloupe
7 tbsp (80g) caster sugar + 1 teaspoon
10 ounces of water
2 tablespoons grated fresh ginger
A bit of neutral oil: sunflower, corn

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Sunny Summer Fruit Salad

Pineapple Carpaccio Dessert

One ripe pineapple
1 2/3 ounces (50g) brown sugar
Zest of one lime
2 mint sprigs
2 sprigs of basil leaves

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Yummy Fruit Salad

Fresh Mango Carpaccio with Ice Cream

2 ripe mangoes
Vanilla ice cream
Mint leaves

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light summer fruit salad

Apricot Tartar with Mozzarella & Basil

2 mozzarella balls (or 250 g)
5 large apricots
18 basil leaves
Juice of 1/2 lemon
2 tablespoons walnut or hazelnut oil
Salt, pepper

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Summer Fruit Salad Recipes

Caramelized Pineapple

A fresh pineapple
1 knob of butter
1 tablespoon honey
1 vanilla pod

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We all know how miserable a warm summer day can be without a good refreshment. A simple glass of water always provides some relief from sweaty afternoons, but what about when you’re looking for something a bit more exciting? Try one of these easy and tasty fresh fruit salads; they make a good opportunity to savor refreshing, juicy fruits cut into bite-sized pieces. With a big bowl of fresh fruit salad you’ll be one step closer to staying cool or keep your guests happy during the next heat wave!

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