5 Quick—Delicious Comfort Soups for Fall

With the onset of fall, brisk weather will start to set in in a few weeks. and I don’t know for you, but I’m already sure my desire for nourishing comfort foods will come with it. With the hearty ingredients traditional comfort foods require sometimes, how can we fulfill that craving and still maintain our healthy goals as we move through the fall months? One great recipe option is a savory soup: an easy choice for a healthy, nourishing, and satisfying meal.

As experience comes with practice, I discovered that making soup is not only incredibly satisfying, it’s also ridiculously easy. Really, it’s almost impossible you end up with a “bad” soup. Water, poultry, meat, fish, or aromatic vegetables, along with seasonings—If you start with good ingredients the results are likely to be wonderful, because every bit of savor remains in the part you eat. So to fuel your inspiration, here is a round-up of delicious, quick and healthy fall soups, ideal for fulfilling those comfort food cravings!

1. Spicy Spaghetti Squash Soup
2. Chicken Soup with Chicken Breast & Conchigli
3. Chicken & Shrimp Gumbo Soup
4. Celery Chestnuts Soup
5. French Onion Soup

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