Help! How Can I Freeze Pesto?

How to freeze pestoQuestion: “I make pesto all the time, but I remember that the first time I made it, the recipe said not to add the parmesan if it was going to be frozen. So I’ve never frozen it, but end up throwing leftovers out if I don’t use them up. Can you freeze pesto with the cheese already added? Why would the recipe say not to?”
Send by  Jenna

Editor:  Indeed, freezing pesto without cheese is preferable because, like other dairy products, cheese won’t thaw properly. You can still freeze it with parmesan, but the quality and taste might be altered. Next time, make your pesto without the cheese and keep a part to freeze it, then add cheese to the portion you’ll use right away. For later use, after you thaw your frozen pesto, mix it into your pasta, adding cheese as you do. And if you are going to freeze it, consider putting your pesto into an ice-cube tray. Once frozen, remove the cubes, place them in a bag, and store the bag in the freezer. Doing so will ensure that you’ll defrost only what you need. No waste anymore!

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