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As Fresh as It Gets: 10 Delicious Tomato Recipes from Spring Garden

As savory as any vegetable, as sweet as its fellow fruits, tomato inspires a cult-like devotion from food lovers across all continents. From end of spring to late summer, here’s the season of fresh, juicy tomatoes coming! We crafted this round-up to inspire you delicious dishes — from appetizers to salads, main dishes, and even dessert! Will you resist to a sweet and caramelized tomato tatin? Or maybe you want to skip right now to the dessert with a fruitful tomato sorbet? Whatever your taste is, there’s something for you for sure, have a good read!

1. Candied Tomatoes
2. ​​Tomato Tart Tatin
3. Baked Stuffed Tomatoes with Bacon and Ricotta
4. Oven Tomato Chips
5. Tomato Sorbet

fresh tomato recipes from the garden 6.How to Make Tomato-Based Sauce
7. Sautéed Cherry Tomatoes
8. How to make Oven-Dried Tomatoes
9. 9 Unexpected Ways to Use Cherry Tomatoes
10How to Peel Tomato Skin Easily

May 20, 2013
Veronica Brandy
N.Y. Editor
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By Veronica Brandy
By Veronica Brandy
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