How to Cook Vegetables Without Losing Their Nutrients

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How do you  cook vegetables without losing their nutrients? Here, it is completely cooked over a low heat, covered, with the vegetables in its water juice with a little fat (and sometimes a little water, as in the case of leeks). This is generally used for cooking vegetables that are rather finely cut (julienne or peasant cut) or cut small (turned vegetables that cook quickly such as cucumber).This cooking lesson is a little bit different from what we know as steaming vegetable with a steamer because we’ll use a chef pan and the vegetables will cook in their own juices.

For a vegetable sweat the technique will be identical, but the vegetables will not be fully cooked, and you will finish cooking it in the preparation in which it is intended, as an aromatic pilaf or a risotto.

The expected result is a cooked vegetable that has kept up with its color and stays slightly crunchy.

How to steam vegetables to retain nutrients

How to Steam Vegetable - Keep Vegetable NutrientsPhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

Follow these instructions:

1. Melt butter over low heat (avoid staining)
2. Add the vegetables to steam, here are some julienned leeks.

Note: Choose a flat and wide cooking container to encourage an even and fast cooking time.

3. Add salt and pepper, and add a little water in the case of leeks, because the water sweating from leeks will not be sufficient to ensure proper cooking, mix
4. Simmer, covered, (here for 7-8 min)

Note: As we must avoid any coloration, so you have to play with the moisture amounts.

For turnips and carrots, for example, normally, it is not necessary to use water, but if during cooking there isn’t enough juice from the vegetable  to be sufficient, then add a little water.

5. Ensure the cooking of the vegetable is done, drain if necessary.

I like this cooking method because it preserves the organoleptic qualities of vegetables. With braised leeks, I made some good ravioli…
Will you try to steam vegetables in your next recipe?

Cooking equipment for steaming vegetable

A good chef pan will be the perfect utensil to cook any vegetable using this method. The chef’s pan is a cornerstone in any kitchen,  and it will be usefull for many, many dishes.

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