Grilled Peaches With Vanilla Maple Glaze

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Grilled Peaches With Vanilla Maple Glaze
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Grilled Peaches With Vanilla Maple Glaze - #grilled #peaches #recipe #summer #eatwell101 - Grilled peaches are perfect if you’re craving a quick and healthy dessert. They are so juicy and flavorful, everyone loves this grilled peaches recipe!

Grilled Peaches recipe – Grilled peaches are summer’s greatest joy! These healthy grilled peaches are sweet, caramelized, and so versatile: serve them as a Summer dessert with ice cream on the side, whipped cream on top, or simply as is. You’ll love the vanilla maple drizzle paired with hints of lime and cinnamon. If you’ve never grilled peaches before, now is a perfect time. Get your grill on!

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Ingredients list for the grilled peaches recipe

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Grilled Peaches recipe

Summer is in full swing, and this delicious grilled peach recipe is perfect to use up this amazing Summer fruit you might have pilled up in your fruit basket during the past weeks or so. You can use these grilled peaches as a delicious healthy dessert or make them the star of a fresh summer salad.

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Why this healthy grilled peaches recipe works so great

  • The prepping is so easy! These grilled peaches are the small delight you improvise on the grill after the main course.
  • The heat from the grill intensifies the natural sugars in peaches and softens the flesh that develops a nice caramelized crust along the grill marks. Delicious! 
  • Grilling the halved peaches, rather than slices, prevents them from overcooking and falling through the grates!
  • You can play with the toppings, use honey instead of maple, add salt and pepper, crushed nuts, pecans, etc…
  • You can also use a grill pan for cooking your peaches indoors over the stovetop and still achieve the charred mark and caramelized flavor!

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1. To make the grilled peaches: Heat your grill to medium-high. Cut the peaches along their seams, all the way around, and twist their halves to remove their pits.

2. Brush halved peaches with oil and grill cut side down until golden, and the fruit has developed grill marks and started to caramelize about 4 to 5 minutes. Turn the peaches on the grill and cook the bottom side for two more minutes.

3. In the meantime, in a small saucepan over medium heat, mix in maple syrup, lime juice, and vanilla extract until blended. Once the peaches are done, drizzle the grilled peaches with the vanilla maple glaze and sprinkle with cinnamon. Garnish the grilled peaches with chopped mint. Enjoy! ❤️

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How to serve grilled peaches

These grilled peaches are great on their own for desserts or as a side dish with anything barbecued – just keep the glaze aside.

Looking for the best peaches for grilling? Look for ripe yellow or white peaches with flesh easily removed from the pit but are still firm when squeezed. Peaches that are too ripe have more sugar but might burn quickly and fall apart.

Do we need to remove the skin for grilling peaches?

It is unnecessary to peel the peaches before grilling, but you can if you prefer or if you want to use them on salads or bacon wraps.

How long does it take to grill peaches?

If your peaches are ripe and juicy, they will grill and caramelize faster, about 4 minutes on the cut side, maybe a little less. You’ll want to turn the peaches to the other side and cook for one to 2 minutes to ensure the peaches are evenly cooked.

Can we roast the peaches in the oven?

Yes, you can! Preheat your oven to 400ºF (200ºC). Heat a cast iron skillet to medium and melt butter (instead of oil) and then add the maple syrup, vanilla, and lime juice. Add the peaches to the skillet and toss gently to coat, then flip them cut side down and put in the oven and bake for approx 15 minutes or until done and nice and tender. Baste with the syrup and pan juices halfway through baking. Remove the roasted peaches from the oven when done and let cool for a few minutes before serving.

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