Fish Tacos with Roasted Halibut

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Fish Tacos with Roasted Halibut
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Fish Tacos with Roasted Halibut - #fish #tacos #recipe #eatwell101 - Try our quick and easy fish taco recipe, bursting with fresh flavors and a spicy twist. These fish tacos are perfect for any mealtime!

Fish Tacos Recipe – This fresh and vibrant fish taco recipe will surely become a new favorite! Made with your choice of white fish (we used halibut), seasoned with a flavorful blend, and topped with a delicious spicy mayo sauce, these easy fish tacos are packed with delicious flavors and a punch of spice. Easy to make and perfect for sharing, these fish tacos will brighten up any mealtime. Enjoy!

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Ingredients list for the fish taco recipe

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The easiest fish tacos recipe

This easy fish tacos recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, and ideal for a festive occasion. They are super flavorful and satisfying, but you will still feel light and alert at the end of the meal! Feel free to scale the ingredients up or down.

Ingredients for the Fish Tacos

Here, we made our fish tacos with a nice halibut fillet, but you are welcome to use any other white fish: cod, seabass, tilapia, Chilean sea bass, red snapper… Salmon or shrimp would be amazing as well!

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How to make fish tacos:

1. Preheat your oven to 400ºF (200ºC).

2. In a baking dish, place the cherry tomatoes and half the spices: garlic, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, paprika, chili powder, and cayenne. Pour the olive oil on top and toss until well combined.

3. Place the fish fillet in the middle of the baking dish, surrounded by the cherry tomatoes. Sprinkle with the remaining spices:garlic, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, paprika, chili powder, and cayenne. Drizzle the seasoned fish fillet with olive oil.

4. Bake fish and cherry tomatoes in the oven for 15-20 minutes until the tomatoes blister and the fish is cooked through and easily flakes with a fork. Cooking time may vary depending on the thickness of your fish fillet. If you like, broil for 3-5 minutes at the end to brown the edges.

5. Remove the baked fish from the oven and let it rest for 5 minutes before transferring it to a shallow plate and flaking it with a fork.

6. Quickly toast the corn tortillas on a large dry skillet or griddle over medium/high heat, or stack between plates and heat for one minute in the microwave.

7. To assemble the fish tacos, Spread a little mayo or Greek yogurt on the tortillas, then add pieces of baked fish and roasted tomatoes. Finish with a drizzle of spicy sauce if you like. Serve the fish tacos with a fresh lime wedge to squeeze over. Enjoy! ❤️

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Tips for the fish tacos recipe

  • You can add any additional taco toppings you like, such as avocado, shredded red cabbage, crema, feta cheese, red onion, sour cream, etc.
  • Make your spicy sauce: mix mayo (or Greek yogurt), hot sauce, cumin powder, and garlic powder to taste!
  • You can use flour tortillas instead of corn, but the fish tacos won’t be gluten-free anymore.
  • If you’re making this recipe for a large group, you can set up a build-your-own fish taco bar and let everyone assemble their tacos as they like!

What should I do with fish taco leftovers?

If you have fish taco leftovers (seriously, we doubt it), you can still enjoy them in various ways. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add them to a salad. Crumble the leftover fish and tomatoes over a bed of lettuce and add some toppings like avocado, shredded cheese, and corn for a delicious fish taco salad.
  • Make a fish taco bowl. Layer rice, beans, leftover fish, and tomatoes in a bowl. Top with your favorite toppings!

Remember to store your leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days. Enjoy!

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