Spicy Cherry Pickle

Spicy Cherry Pickle

Christina Cherrier

Cherries pickles are very original as an appetizer, and wonderful with cold meat! I have wanted to try to make marinated cherries in vinegar since I tasted some in a restaurant. I hesitated to publish this recipe last year when cherry-picking season was at its peak; I preferred trying by myself and waiting for the results before sharing the recipe with you — just in case this turned out badly! As I did not have any recipe, I improvised and waited a few months before tasting. The result is surprising! Just try this “make and forget” recipe. Your cherries will be ready at the end of summer!

Ingredients list for Cherries Pickles

pickled cherries recipe


1. Place the cherries into clean glass jars. Drizzle with vinegar to cover them. Add 2 tbsp of sugar and spices into each jar.

2. Close the lids and place in a cool place away from light.

3. Wait at least for 3 months before tasting.

pickled cherries image

(Photo by Lolie Cat) 

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Spicy Cherry Pickle