Help! How Can I Make Meat Tender?

how to make meat tenderQuestion: “Last weekend, I made a beef stir-fry, but the meat was tough at the end. Do you have a tip for the meat remains tender after cooking? Thank you in advance.”
Sent by Doris

Editor: For the meat stay tender whatsoever: let it rest! Whether you cook veal or beef or any meat, roasted or sautéed, or any kind of preparation: the meat must rest for the same amount of time as its cooking time! For instance, if your seared a steak for 2 minutes on each side, you’ll have to let it rest for 4 minutes. It is very important that the released juice flood back into the meat. Meanwhile, cover with foil or a plate to prevent it from cooling. This is the only solution, used by professional chefs in restaurants. Try and you’ll see, it will be tender and tasty.

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