3 Recipes that Will Make You Love Quinoa

E. Brandy

It is a fact, quinoa gained a big success in western alimentation. Far from being a trend, this little cereal made its way into our kitchens as its benefits are numerous.

I remember 15 years ago when is was a volonteer at Artisans du Monde (a french fair-trade organisation just like Oxfam), I used to sell quinoa packs while few people knew it here in France. There were quinoa breakfast-cereals, quinoa flour and seeds on the shelves. The packaging always showed a smiling peruvian women with her typical hat. She was looking at me while I was eating my cereals in the morning. I feel kind of nostalgic…

Nutritionists as well as cooks have taken over our palates education with quinoa, always reinventing its culinary applications. So lets explore some of the best quinoa recipes that we shared a few time ago:

A quinoa salad with smoked salmon, broccolis and carrots: A good balance between salmon and quinoa creates a real treat.
Quinoa and leeks patties: my favorite quinoa recipe, by far.
Quinoa and chicken salad: It’s maybe one of the most searched… And you’ll know why quickly.

What is favourite quinoa recipe? Do you have any great recipe to share about quinoa?

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3 Recipes that Will Make You Love Quinoa