How to Make Various Types of Buns

How to Make Various Types of Buns

The preparation of the cake is done as the same way as during Middle Ages. Just choose the ingredients and follow the instructions carefully for a successful recipe.
One advantage is that you can decorate it in a thousand ways with raisins, almonds or hazelnuts. The most important step to prepare the cake is knead the dough long enough, which will give its moistness.

1. Prepare a classic bun

The french brioche is characterized by the rising of the dough becomes crisp when cooked. This exercise is caused by the transformation of sugar into gas, but this process is only possible if the ingredients are well mixed. We will need the following ingredients to make a classic french bun:

  • milk, sugar;
  • water, butter;
  • baker’s yeast and eggs.

First, mix the yeast with 4 tablespoons of water in a glass. In a bowl, place the sugar, salt, flour, milk and egg, and add yeast. The initial preparation is complete, and must now move to the mixture. Beat the dough until it takes off on its own borders and a ball. Heat slightly and add butter to the dough.

Leave the dough in the bowl for an hour, during which time she must get up. Then knead the dough again lightly and put into molds or cake buns. Leave to rest for one hour, then make a cross on top of each cake and pour the egg yolk. There are more than cook in the oven for 40 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.

What if the dough does not rise?

One must keep in mind that the dough should rise for the first hour of rest if you must start the process. Among the reasons that the dough does not rise, it may have been a bad mix of ingredients, a yeast of poor quality or simply because you have kneaded the dough enough.You can always continue the recipe so the dough does not rise, but the result will be just a ball of sweet baked flour.

2. Preparation of the chiffon cake

Chiffon cake is a french traditional recipe, and it was a farmers favorite in the past. To do so, we will need flour, sugar, milk, salt, eggs, butter and yeast. Place flour in a container by creating a hill with a hole in the middle. Pour in the latter, salt, butter, eggs and yeast. Prepare the dough with a spatula, but it may as well use a mixer if you have one. However, it is best to use the spatula to respect the traditional methods. Once the dough is completely homogeneous, we will cover with a cloth and we’ll let it rest in the fridge until next morning.

Baking chiffon cake

In the morning, put flour on a pastry roller, and use it to roll out the dough. Fold the dough into 4 layers and make a new array with the roller. Fold another four 4 times and cut into 4 parts. Put them in a buttered pan in advance and let stand for at least 4 hours.

Then it only remains to bake the cake at 150 degrees for half an hour. With this technique, the dough will rise dramatically, but it must be checked regularly. Indeed, it may burst, so it is advisable to cook one is satisfied with the level of exercise. Similarly, one can add almonds or chocolate chips while you spread the dough.

Surprise Brioche

Now that you know how to prepare different types of buns, it ends with a bonus recipe. Once you have completed your buns, you can cut the top, remove the bread in it and then complete with set of your choice. This can be cheese, mixed vegetables or minced cooked meat.Then close the top of the buns and bake it all at a temperature of 80 degrees for 15 minutes. — Also Read: How to make Fondant Chocolate Cake

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