How to Make French Chocolate Fondant Cake


One can make Chocolate Fondant cake with flour or cocoa butter, according to preferences and personal tastes. The success of the Fondant Chocolate Cake generally depends not only on the quality of the chocolate and the mold, but also on cooking time and temperature.

In addition, to concoct a chocolate cake, the amount of each ingredient is of course determined by the number of people who will consume it. A chocolate cake can be made with flour or cocoa butter.

1.Preparing a chocolate fondant cake with flour

If you choose to make a chocolate cake for 5 people with flour, you must have, 50 g butter, 50 g sugar, 2 eggs, 80 g of flour 200 g of chocolate.

Cooking Instructions

To begin, you must melt the chocolate after having put a few pieces aside. Once it has completely melted, add the butter then let it cool for about 2 minutes.

Beat the eggs and sugar in a bowl until frothy and then pour in the flour. Gently mix the flour with the eggs before adding the melted chocolate and butter to finally get a smooth paste. Prepare pan with butter to aid the release of the cake, and then pour in most of the dough.

Next, add the chocolate pieces you set aside into the dough and pour in the remaining amount of dough before baking it all in the preheated oven. About a quarter of an hour is enough to bake the cake, and it can be removed from the mold after it has cooled.

2. Preparation of a chocolate fondant with cocoa butter

To make a chocolate fudge for 5 people with bitter cocoa, you have 7 eggs, 150 g of chocolate, 250 g sugar, 100 grams of bitter cocoa and pepper 200 g butter.

Cooking Instructions

Melt the chocolate and butter in a double boiler or in a bowl over a pan of water. Then mix the egg yolks and 160g of sugar in another bowl. Beat the egg whites and add the remaining sugar.

Once melted, the chocolate can be removed from the boiling water and cocoa butter can be added. Be sure to mix well so as to smooth everything. Whip with a wide spatula. Keep a small portion of the dough in the fridge and pour the rest into a mold before putting it in the oven at  350°F (180 °C)..After 20 to 25 minutes, remove from oven and cool. Then cover it up with the dough in the fridge and put the cake in the oven at 430°F( 220 °C) for 10 minutes.

3.The “coeur fondant au chocolat”

The success of the coeur fondant au chocolat mainly depends on the type of chocolate, the mold and cooking time. This recipe can be done easily and quickly, in less than 10 minutes.

4.Preparation of chocolate fudge

Chocolate with at least 70% cocoa and a low soy lecithin content should be used for melting. Circular molds of about 5 cm high and just over 6 cm in diameter, to give a round based, fun to watch. Silicone muffin cups, metal molds or ramekins in terracotta or glass can be used for this purpose

In order not to burn the flux, it is essential to properly assess the cooking time and set the oven at about 200 °C for a period of 7 to 8 minutes or so. Finally, remove the molds and leave to cool to get the Chocolate Fondant Cake. — Also Read: How to make Meringues

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